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Everything You Need To Know Before Applying For EHIC Card

The European Health Insurance Card is the replaced version of the older E111 certificate. The change of E111 health card was made in the year 2005.

The European Health Insurance Card is the replaced version of the older E111 certificate. The change of E111 health card was made in the year 2005. The purpose of this card is to provide you with free medical treatment in the state medical institutions covering 27 countries of European Union including Switzerland, Iceland, parts of Liechtenstein and Norway. With this card, you will be able to visit General Physician at any of these states, and the in-hospital stays of patients are also covered. Similar to the system of NHS, you just need to deposit a small amount when you opt for the care. This amount will be paid back to you again when you are returning to your own country.

Basic Information

There are many queries regarding the issuing of E111 health card, the rules and regulations, methods of applications and many more. So in this article, critical points are tried to cover that will help you immensely.

  • Application method:

You can either apply for your card directly from the portal, or you can ask from the subsidiary portal. The subsidiary portal will charge a nominal amount of fees, and they will help you to apply on your behalf. You can also call the customer service number. The validity of the card is for five years. It is advisable to apply for the renewal after completion of four years and six months which may give you time.

  • Travel Insurance:

EHIC can be used for the treatment in the public healthcare bodies or organisation. Travel Insurance will cover the procedure in private hospitals and give you benefit like emergency airlifts, protection mad theft covers and many more. EHIC will include only those criteria and facilities that are being provided in the public or state-run body. So it is better to carry both EHIC and Travel Insurance and not forgo either of them for other.

  • Emergency Treatment:

There is a widespread belief that EHIC does not cover emergency treatment. This is somewhat wrong fact. In fact, it is EHIC that will help you with the emergency treatment. However, if you travel to any country specifically for treatment, then EHIC would not cover your charge.

  • Countries that are not covered:

The states that are not covered under EHIC are the Isle of Man, the Vatican, the Channel Islands, San Marino and Monaco. Here you need travel insurance for medical benefits. Though the countries like Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro are not under EEA and EU, they have reciprocal; agreement with United Kingdom that will make EHIC valid. Such bilateral agreement also covers the Pacific countries like Australia and New Zealand; however, in these two countries’ travel costs are not included.

These are all the necessary things that you must know before applying. In case, you lose the card abroad immediately contact Overseas Healthcare Treatment. You need to ask for Provisional Replacement Certificate from them. This will act as the replacement of EHIC until you return back. After recovering, you can apply afresh for the new EHIC