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Exploring a Few Bathroom Remodeling Tricks for a Perfect Makeover

Exploring a Few Bathroom Remodeling Tricks for a Perfect Makeover

It can be a dream to have a perfect bathroom in the house, which offers equal satisfaction as a luxury hotel or restaurant.

May 20th, 2021

It can be a dream to have a perfect bathroom in the house, which offers equal satisfaction as a luxury hotel or restaurant. The spaciousness, opulent touches, and modern amenities can compel you to revisit them even in your subconscious state. It is not unusual to find people obsess over most details they encounter in a posh hotel bathroom. Whether this is the reason you want to facelift your bathroom or there is a genuine need, you can feel overwhelmed by the possibilities of what you can achieve in your bathroom. If you don’t want any fuss, focus on selective ideas to create a bathroom that can light up your face with a radiant smile.

Bathroom Type

Every bathroom tends to have a different shape, size, and design. At the time of remodeling, you can be reluctant to tamper with the existing features. Still, it is ideal to go over the options and then decide. First of all, you need to understand bathrooms can be three main types – standard, half bath, and wet bathroom. A standard or full bathroom features a bath, shower, toilet, sink, etc. An inline fan from TerraBloom is also a good choice. Master bathrooms can be an excellent example of this. But you can access it only through the main bedroom. If you prefer to redesign it, you can consider adding a spa-like vibe with a soaking tub, skylight, and more.

Another category is a powder room or a half bath. These mainly contain a sink and a toilet. It can be an outstanding addition for someone who loves to host guests at dinners and lunches. You can direct them to this corner if they need to freshen up. It also allows you to keep your private bathroom intact without any embarrassment or a sense of guilt. Designing it can be fun as it doesn’t need much space. It can also be fantastic for the resale value of your home and ease of life.

Besides, you come across the choice of wet bathrooms. These are also full bathrooms featuring a shower cubicle or shower with a curtain. These need to incorporate waterproof solutions for floors to walls to cabinets. Most homeowners take a modern approach to this space. They don’t want shower doors to create any trouble for them. People with mobility challenges can like these settings more for their ability to provide easy and safe movement.

Hard-Wearing Bathroom Materials

As a busy place in the house, bathrooms go through a lot every day. From temperature swings to humidity to exposure to water, they have to face it all. For these reasons, you need to be careful about their health and maintenance from the beginning. At the renovation stage itself, you must figure out what materials can be quick to maintain and handle. Some people think buying low-cost materials and replacing them in the future can be wise. But it is a faulty belief.

Investing in quality materials and fixtures can be a big positive for the long life of your bathroom. For example, choosing a durable basin for your bathroom in porcelain, ceramic, or other such surfaces can be a smart move. Most of these materials tend to be non-porous; thus, you don’t have to worry about germs and other unwanted elements.

Similarly, you can get a suitable material for bathroom furniture. Engineered boards can be vulnerable to dampness. These can swell and crack or chip. Since these are not right for a wet environment, you can buy solid wood instead for durability.

Special Additions

You can infuse a sense of luxuriousness even without bells and whistles. Some expensive buys can add unexpected interior twists. For instance, you can opt for a heated floor. When you come out of a shower or tub, your feet crave a soothing touch. Heated tile flooring can serve them best. There will indeed be an upfront cost. However, it can have an impact on the usage of the central thermostat. You can decrease its temperature and still enjoy the warmth.

Another design surprise can be wall-mounted fixtures, such as cabinets, washbasins, and toilets—these free up the floor space, giving your bathroom an effortless modern appearance. As a result, you get some more room for storage. Or, if you need additional motivation, get a heated towel rail. It will make your bath towel warm enough to soothe your wet body and skin. Wrap it and enjoy the feeling!


It may not be a jazzy thing, but ensuring proper ventilation in the wet ambiance is necessary. Your bathroom has to tolerate dampness and humid air. If you don’t incorporate adequate measures from the beginning, you can end up risking your family and bathroom’s health too. Wetness attracts mold, mildew, and other unpleasant matters. That’s why you have to work on this area more. For this, you need exhaust fans, window and window vents, etc. Having a window can be interesting both for aesthetic and practical reasons. If there is a challenge, you can rely on vented exhaust fans to solve your ventilation issues.


Your bathroom may receive plenty of natural light every day. Still, you cannot ignore that the sun will go down, and there will be darkness in this room. To avoid this, you would have to install artificial lights intelligently. To be specific, you can have ambient lighting solutions in the form of Recessed LEDs. If it creates shadow problems, you can consider layering the same with soft lighting available in most modern vanities to offer a natural appearance. Simultaneously, some places require spotlighting to help you perform your intended task better. So, it would be best if you made arrangements for them as well.

Before you embark on any small- or large-scale bathroom renovation or any other home improvement project, you must find out why certain things can be a great addition while others tend to be a strict no-no. It gives you clarity with design expectations. Also, you will be wary of wasting your time, energy, and money on something that doesn’t add much value to the whole planning.



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