Yes, it’s here, your latest run down of what’s hot right now in the world of food. It’s the weekend listicle you’ve been dying to read. Be prepared to feel hungry, sit down, and tuck in.

Savoury Delights

Peperami Protein Packed Snacks

With its iconic 100% pork salami Peperami sticks (beechwood smoked salami sausage that has been seasoned with a blend of secret spices), Peperami’s chicken bites containing 100% chicken breast (Smokin’ Chicken Bites, Pep’d Up Chicken Bites), and an array of Peperami snack box options (Peperami & Crunchy Corn Puffs, Mini Chorizo & Cheddar Cheese, and Peperami & Cheese), there’s a Peperami snack for everyone!

Original Bunch of 5, available from all major supermarkets, priced at £2.75 per pack. Original Minis 10 x 10g, available from all major supermarkets, priced at £2.50 per pack. Peperami Snack Box, available in ASDA, priced at £1.50 per pack. Chicken Bites, available from all major supermarkets, priced at £1 per bag.

Yondu All-Purpose Savory Seasoning

What is Yondu? A South Korean umami seasoning sauce here to shake up our seasoning game. It is a 100 per cent plant-based sauce is made from a three-month slow fermentation process of organic, protein-rich soybeans blended with a simmered seven vegetable broth making it unique to the market. Yondu offers a shortcut to flavour and is set to become a staple cooking sauce and condiment in British kitchens.

Priced at £6.88 (275ml), available from Yondu

Itsu Vegan Protein Noodles

The Asian-inspired healthy food brand itsu, has launched a new range of vegan protein’noodles. Offering over 20g of protein power in each pot, the noodles come in the following flavours: Super sesame: a vegan miso-based broth with a blend of nutty sesame, herbs & spices. Crackin’curry: a vegan miso-based broth with a blend of Japanese curry spices. Mega miso: a vegan miso-based broth with a blend of spices & hint of chilli.

Priced at £2 each, available from Sainsbury’s

More Savoury Deliciousness

Posh Cow Smoked Salted Butter

The team at Posh Cow have lightly whipped Welsh butter with oak smoked sea salt to give a deep umami flavour that packs a punch on any slice of toast or bread, slathered on crackers, or melted over a steak. Yes please!

Available from M&S Food

Kookaloney Falafel Mix

Aa new range of vegan Levantine meal kits by Kookaloney that take the faff out of falafels has launched, and we are very excited about them! The authentic recipes have been made in the traditional Middle Eastern way and have been curated in-situ by Kookaloney and tweaked by Lebanese Master Chef Joe Barza to ensure they hit the spot tastewise. The Falafel meal kits are full of authentic flavours and take just 20 minutes to prepare.

Priced from £4.62 per kit, available from Amazon

Heck Vegan Mince and Vegan Italia Burgers

The brand Heck are about to launch (beginning of April) Vegan Mince, and Vegan Italia Burgers. Vegan Mince (400g) – pre-seasoned and ready to use in a wide range of recipes in place of regular mince. Pea-based mince with tomato, salt, pepper and a touch of paprika. High fibre, high protein, gluten free. 167kcal / 3.6g fat (0.4g saturated fat) / 11g fibre / 13g protein per 100g. The Vegan Italia Burger (228g / 2 burgers per pack) are pea-based burgers with tomato, basil, garlic and vegan cheese. Low fat, high fibre, gluten-free. We can vouch for them being tasty, because we managed to taste test before they reach the supermarket shelves!

Prices TBC, available from the beginning of April at all major supermarkets that stock Heck products.

Sweet Stuff

Lizi’s Super Muesli

Designed to give you a boost to kickstart the day, whatever you may be facing, Lizi’s Super Muesli comes in four delicious variants; Boost, Cleanse, Focus and Glow. Each of the variants are packed full of added vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin C, B6, B2 and Zinc, and good-for-you natural ingredients such as turmeric, barley, hemp, maca powder and quinoa to deliver incredible health benefits, allowing you to feel a whole lot better.

Priced at £3.50 each, available from Ocado and Waitrose.


This new brand is all about reduced sugar snacking for kids (and grown-ups), and each bar is under 100 calories, yet still packed with flavour. With 50% less sugar than an average snack, these little treats of caramel and rice crisp bars are sure to be a big winner in your house. There are three flavours of Hullabaloo bars including Chocolumps, Caramelly, Oddberry.

Priced at £3.50 for 3 bars, and £9.50 for 12 bars, available from Hullabaloo and Amazon

Other Foodie News

Veggi Wash Fruit Too

Technically this isn’t food, but it is for food! Veggi Wash Fruit Too is a comprehensive range of liquid washes, sprays and wipes that are 5 times more effective than washing produce with water alone. They use 100% safe and natural ingredients derived from coconut oil, grape and corn extracts to breakdown agricultural contaminants so that they can be easily rinsed away.

Pries start at £3.99, available from Veggi Wash

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about fabulous food news from around the world. For more food news from House of Coco Magazine.


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