Fabulously Functional Interior Design Tips

It’s amazing what you can do with interior design. Not only can you give your home a whole new appeal but you can add function as well as fashion to any home, no matter how new or old. It’s all about who will be living in the home and who will be using the rooms in question. Choose interior design based on function as well as on a look you are going for so that each room ends up with a character of its own. Here are our #TeamCoco tips to help you get it right…

Lighting Is Functional – Or Is It?

The best example of just how easy it is to merge function with fashion is in your home’s lighting. When redecorating a room or building and add-on, you will immediately understand that the amount and type of lighting you install will depend largely on the purpose of the room and who will be using it most. Kitchens and bathrooms typically need the most light whilst bedrooms and living rooms can have lighting that is dimmer and more ambient.

Yet even once you’ve made the distinction, you have options to choose from. For example, a family room or a living room may require less lighting but what kind will you use? Do you want an overhead light mounted on the ceiling and if so, will it be part of a ceiling fan unit or recessed dimmable lights? Perhaps you’d like no lights on the ceiling and would rather use lamps installed on walls or free-standing on table tops. This is the perfect example of how you can choose fashionable elements that serve a very specific function.

Heaters Can Be Both Functional and Fashionable

Heaters can also be both functional and fashionable. No one would consider a furnace or boiler fashionable by any stretch of the imagination, but bear in mind that these are not the sum total of heat sources within your home. Boilers, for example, send heat to the home to be distributed with radiators in each room.

These radiators can be free-standing on the floor, wall-mounted and extremely trendy or small enough to be mounted along baseboards. Some wonderful ideas for fashionable radiators can be found on the Warm Rooms website. In fact, if you don’t have central heating you can still use fashionable designer radiators because some are electric and aren’t required to be hooked up to a furnace.

Colour Also Serves a Function

Have you ever wondered why some types of buildings always use very particular colour schemes? The reason why you will typically not see reds and bright oranges in prisons or mental institutions is because reds incite high emotions. Reds are anything but calming so colours known to be soothing, most particularly pastels, will almost always be used for institutions like these.

If you have a family member that tends towards the depressed or pessimistic side, you can brighten his or her mood often by your choice of colours. Psychologists and fashion designers say that bright, cheery colours work best with depressed persons and sometimes a fun yet functional use of colour mixtures is just what the doctor ordered.

Interior design should be a well thought out process whereby you think about who will be inhabiting the rooms you are decorating. From lighting to furniture to the types of heating you use, you can find the perfect blend of fashion and colour. Just remember to carefully consider what you are trying to accomplish. From there, the rest of the ‘job’ is easy.

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