Stylish sunglasses make awesome gifts for your loved ones across the board–whether you’re buying a pair of oversized bumblebee shades to gift your summer friends born in the throes of June or choosing a classic, cat-eye silhouette to give your family and loved ones born at the height of winter, Sunglasses as a Gift, buying them a nice pair of sunglasses is an elegant, affordable, and thoughtful way to show how much they mean to you.

That said, it can sometimes be a challenge to choose the right kind of shade for the ones you love. In this article, you’ll find the top five things that you should know when choosing which sunglasses to give as gifts. We’ve partnered with Great Southern Sunnies to create a guide that informs you on how to choose the best sunglasses for your gift-giving needs!


Metal or plastic or a hybrid of both–these questions are very, very important when it comes to choosing which sunnies you should get. Plastic frames are often very lightweight and give off a more youthful, vibrant look. However, they may sacrifice a lot in the way of elegance and tend to slip off the bridge of the nose because they usually don’t come with the nose pads that metal and hybrid frames have.

Metal frames give off a more elegant, sophisticated feel, but they can be very heavy and their longevity is dependent on factors like skin acidity, the quality of the metal, and the kind of lifestyle that the wearer has–outdoorsy people often opt for plastic frames whereas those who spend most of their time indoors usually opt for metal frames.

Hybrids often present a good balance of both: the plastic for the lightweight, modern feel, and a metal core for the elegance and shine. Taking this into consideration allows your loved ones to use your gifts for a long time.


Face shape is crucial when it comes to choosing a flattering pair of sunnies. The best kinds of sunglasses flatter the wearer’s face shape and bring balance to one’s image–cat-eye shades are perfect for those with round and heart-shaped faces, square frames are perfect for those with longer, oblong faces, and horn-rimmed lenses are great for those who have square-shaped faces. When buying for your loved ones, you can bring along a photo of your loved ones and ask the well-equipped staff for their recommendations.


Taking the type of lens into consideration ensures that your loved ones get the maximum wear out of their sunglasses. For your loved ones who spend most of their time in front of the computer, UV-protection lenses are best. For those who spend a lot of time outdoors, transition lenses are ideal. For those who do a lot of reading or who spend a lot of time intensely studying facts, figures, or recipes, you can opt for multi-coated lenses that protect the eyes from stress and strain. Choose the right kind of lens to suit your loved ones’ needs.


Sunnies are meant to complement one’s face, not overpower it. Choosing frames that are too big or too small can make them sit awkwardly on one’s face. To make sure that you’re getting your loved ones the best sunnies for them, make sure that you choose a size that emphasizes their best features without overpowering them. For a friend with a great smile, opt for shades that highlight the lower part of their face. For a friend with amazing eyes, get them frames that are just the right size to draw people in.


This last factor is a combination of all of the four previous factors: sharp, plastic frames with transition lenses give off a very sporty vibe, perfect for your friend who is a triathlete–on the other hand, horn-rimmed bronze frames with multi-coated lenses are the best for our friend who makes film documentaries. More than just being useful, fashion and style are also a means of self-expression. Make sure you choose a pair of sunnies with a vibe perfect for your friend’s personality.


Whether you opt for a great pair of classic sunnies or a modern, sporty pair of shades, the sunglasses you choose to gift your loved ones is an expression of how much you value them and it’s a great way to solidify relationships by giving them something thoughtful. A great brand will always have the best selection of styles, designs, and materials for you to choose from.


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