Fake Bake Your Tan This Winter!

The biscuity smell, the streaky orange colour, the smeary bedsheets – these are the many problems fake tanning presents us with in the quest for tanned, bronzed skin. While we are a nation of people who love being bronzed all year round – recent market research values the current UK fake tan market at £100m – you will struggle to find many people who enjoy the process it takes to get there by faking it. And as for the time it takes to develop and see results, well… ain’t nobody got time for that! So we sent our House of Coco beauty editor Scarlett to experience a new kind of fake tan, one that only takes 1 hour for it to develop and promises to not smear, smell or streak!

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Fake Bake‘s 60 minute tan can be used at home or by a professional at your home if you don’t fancy the hassle yourself. It is potentially the quickest developing tan on the market, taking only 1 hour from drying on the skin to being able to shower, when most spray tans and bottle tans need at least 4 hours to work fully.

I have never had a professional fake tan. Working within fashion and TV, I have seen many a disastrous fake tan to literally put me off for life. Don’t get me wrong, I have personally fake tanned at home but not often and when I have it either looks really orange or like I haven’t bothered putting tan on, so when Fake Bake asked me to try the 60 Minute Tan, I was nervous but also intrigued – as my logical thinking allows me to believe that leaving the tan on for less time surely means less chance of streaking and becoming orange?

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Before FakeBake

‘With fake tan, the commonly used chemicals, such as dihydroxyacetone, are activated upon contact with the skin to turn it brown,’ says Victoria Halliday, UK Manager for Fake Bake At Home.

‘But the 60 Minute Tan contains cutting-edge accelerators, meaning it develops within an hour and won’t smell. You can take a shower after this and go out. It also contains a unique ingredient, which is activated when water hits the skin, so the shade continues to darken.’

It almost sounds too good to be true – no waiting around and no smell! While you can buy the product to apply yourself (£24.95), I decided to leave it to the professionals. The company has more than 2,000 qualified tanners nationwide (find your nearest at fakebake.co.uk) who, for £25, will come to your house, set up their equipment and tan you. Perfect for not having to travel home looking like you’ve just had a mud bath!

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My professional tanner, Elouise, is part of the celebrity tanning team so I feel assured I’m in good hands! She arrives with a large black pop-up tent, which she erects in seconds in my living room. I stand wearing nothing but a pair of paper pants while she sprays me up and down with the brown liquid, starting with my arms, then moving on to my legs, bottom, back and finally face. In all, it takes just five minutes.

When she’s finished, I look down to see a brown body that I haven’t seen for many months! I do the pant test and see a white mark and its hard to believe my skin is actually that pale now I see beautifully bronzed skin.


After waiting for 60 minutes to elapse (you can leave it on for up to 3 hours depending how dark you want it), I washed the tan off to reveal a soft golden colour, nothing too harsh or orange about it! And the best thing is , I didn’t smell!

A definite addition to the beauty bag I would say, especially for last minute nights out over the winter! Why damage your skin when you can fake(bake) it!

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After FakeBake

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