Fake Socialite NYC by Curtis Bryant

New York based designer Curtis Bryant has one of the dopest tees out right now. Sold out for months, the Fake Socialite tee is a big hit and really hard to get your hands on, trust us, we have been trying to snag one for months on end now. All of the trendy hipsters have one and the best thing about the up and coming brand is that its unisex, so everyone can wear it.


We were able to get a quote from the Designer himself on how the brand was started.

“Fake Socialite is a term that a good friend of mine and I came up with a few years back, when we first entered what’s known in New York as “The Scene”. I’m now using the term Fake Socialite, not as a negative term but more as a reminder to people to remain humble and use their voice for good. Use your pedestal of popularity as a platform to encourage and inspire people to be they’re best selves they can be. Your presence is more valued than you know.

Great quote, Great Brand. House Of Coco readers check out the link below to the site where the shirts can be ordered.

Shop  Fsnyc.bigcartel.com

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