How is art like a favourite bar of chocolate?

They both light up the same part of your brain as when you are falling in love.

So go for it. Fall in love with the art of Lauren Forcella. We sure did. Lauren Forcella creates magical landscapes that lift any mood and decor. We asked Lauren a few questions about her work.

If art lights up the same part of your brain as falling in love, what is it like for the artist?

Lauren Forcella: Well, first, to clarify, it has to be art you really like for this to happen. That is why I encourage people to buy the art they love. Not the art they think is the most chic or hip (whatever that means), but that which they love. If you love it, it becomes a practical purchase because it lifts your mood each day which leads you to more success in whatever you are doing, whether that be work, relationships, or being your better self.

And to be the artist?

Lauren Forcella: Haha, well, I do love my own work and I guess that shines through. I once met someone who saw my work and she said, “Oh, now I get it. I thought you were having an affair!”

You paint with thick paint and there is a lot of movement and energy. Are these oils or acrylics? Is there a name for this style?

Lauren Forcella: I paint in oils. My genre is contemporary impressionism. The use of thick paint is called impasto painting which not only adds dimension but gives an emotional feeling to the work. I also paint in “premier coup” style, which means that each section of a painting is completed at first pass. In other words, where I place the brushstroke is where it stays, I don’t rework. This gives the painting a freshness and immediacy which I feel best reflects the intensity of Nature. You can start painting with this guide on How to use Oil Paints.

You bring Nature to life in your paintings. When I see your paintings, I feel connected spiritually to the scene, or like I’m seeing it with special glasses. Can you tell us about your connection to nature and how you come to see it like this?

Lauren Forcella: Nature saved me growing up. I spent many alone (but not lonely) hours walking barefoot in forests and resting in magical places that I found. The feeling was one of exceptional presence and connection, with everything around me alive and radiant, yet also restful. It is still this way, especially when I am alone. This aliveness is what I strive to bring to the canvas.

Is there a color you could not live without?

Lauren Forcella: Two: Dioxazine purple and quinacridone magenta.

How can we see more of your work?

Lauren Forcella: You can browse and shop for originals and fine-art giclee prints on my website. You can also follow me on Instagram at and Facebook.


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