The city of Denver, Colorado, probably enters your thoughts when looking at NFL betting odds, but this city is much more than the host of the Broncos. Denver has become one of the best travel destinations in the United States, and the city has embraced this new title.

Most people tend to take trips during the summer months, but there is actually a better time to travel. The fall is a perfect time to get out and enjoy parts of the United States, and Denver is one of those cities.

The Northeast portion of the U.S. is another great spot to travel to during the fall, but Denver just has more to offer. Next time that you start to look at fall travel destinations, you need to put Denver at the top of the list.

After you have visited Denver once during the fall, you will be going back year after year to experience the Mile High City.

Perfect Weather

The first thing that you should look for when planning a Fall trip is the weather, and it doesn’t get much better than in Denver. You will experience a true Fall climate in the city with cool mornings and nights and comfortable temperatures during the day.

There really isn’t a bad time to visit Denver when it comes to weather, as it’s typically pretty mild at all times. Along with the weather, you could also see some snow up in the Rocky Mountains, but you won’t have to feel is snowing on you until the temperature really starts to drop. Renting a chalet in the Rockies can be a cozy and scenic way to enjoy the snowy landscapes while staying warm and comfortable.

Beer Lovers Paradise

If you are someone that enjoys beer, then Denver is a city that you simply have to visit. The Great American Beer Festival is held annually in Denver, and timing your trip around this event is an absolute must.

There are over 500 different breweries that show up at the Great American Beer Festival, and you could try out close to 2,000 different beers on site. Of course, music and food is included at this event, and it’s become a huge tourist attraction for the city.

A True Oktoberfest

Along with the Great American Beer Festival, Denver also hosts an annual Oktoberfest celebration. This type of celebration can be found throughout the country in many small cities, but it’s done on a much larger scale in Denver.

This yearly tradition actually started all the way back in 1969, and it just continues to get bigger and bigger each year. The Oktoberfest in Denver, Colorado, is about as close to the German celebration that you are going to find in the United States.

Sports Lovers Dream

Denver is home to a professional sports team in all four of the biggest sports, and all of them are in action during the fall. If you want to see some exciting teams play, then you could easily catch a game or two out in Colorado.

Coors Field, home of the Rockies, is one of the most underrated ballparks in MLB, and the views from that park are terrific. The Denver Broncos have a massive following, and spending a day watching the Broncos play is another must-see.

If you arrive in Denver after the Avalanche and Nuggets have started their seasons, then they are two teams that are worth watching as well.

Amazing Views

It doesn’t matter if you are driving or flying into Denver. The first thing you are going to notice is the Rocky Mountains. The Rockies can be seen from anywhere in the city, but businesses make a concerted effort to create some unbelievable viewing sports.

Denver is also one of those large cities that still feels small, and you can find parts of the city that will make you feel like you are in the woods. Once the leaves start to change colors on the trees, then you will start to feel like you are staring at a beautiful painting.

If you want to view the city from an aerial perspective, then there are some great spots up in the Rocky Mountains to look down on the Mile High City.


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