We know how empowering training can be before our day officially starts. Morning exercises boost metabolism, they give your body and mind energy for your daily tasks and goals. #TeamCoco also knows how important workout clothing is. It doesn’t just need to look fine and feel good, it also has to be highly functional, especially if you are exercising outdoors. Activewear needs to be just like the perfect running jacket – allowing you freedom of movement but hugging you in all the right places, protecting from the weather and not absorbing sweat, letting your skin breathe. Workout clothes are much more than just a fabric that covers your body.

Let yourself be mindful and strong

Yoga is quite popular as an early morning outdoor activity as it helps us to clear our minds of all the negative things and prepares us for the day ahead. To achieve this sense of tranquillity our clothes must be comfortable allowing us freedom of movement. A good workout shirt doesn’t have a deep neckline and will stay on you properly even during an upside-down pose. There are various yoga pants in sport equipment stores, but before you buy them, take a few stretches and steps in them. Yoga accessories include headbands that are ideal if your hair is too short for a ponytail, gloves to prevent your hands from slipping off the pad, and of course the pad.

Clothes made for props

While there are similarities, yoga and pilates do approach body movement from different angles. The Pilates ball is the most famous part of the equipment but it is not the only prop that is used. Ideal sportswear should be just a little bit tight on your body so the clothes don’t get in the way of using those props. Compression clothing that is designed for movement is a good choice, but if you opt for the one that is just small and too tight, it will do you more harm than good. When it is colder outside avoid cotton sweatshirts because cotton will absorb your sweat and that will make it difficult to exercise. Instead one should warm and comfortable clothes to buy for better adaptability.

For those who like to stay on the move

The best way to get in shape is running. How comfortable it will feel for you depend on the sneakers you wear. They should not be above your ankle because that will restrict your movement. You also need to pay attention to the sole, which should be flexible and light, thinner on the toes and thicker on the heel. Running clothes should be light and resistant. Wicking fabrics will do a great deal for you in battling with sweat, meaning you will not be too cold nor hot while running, keeping that sticky sweaty feeling away from you. Ideally, you should wear a light jacket as a regular part of your outfit, thin enough for a vest in extremely cold conditions, ideally reflective so you can run in low visibility.

Cycling without pressure

Cycling is ideal for those who do not want to feel too much pressure on their joints but want to wake up all the muscles in their body. For shorter distances where you won’t be sweating, a cycling wardrobe is not necessary, but every longer ride is immensely more comfortable with it. Jackets must be comfortable, without any tightening or cutting into your skin. They shouldn’t slide against the torso when moving. Pockets are also very important, not only their size but also their position. The perfect wardrobe is preferably wind and water-resistant. Cycling gloves are not a necessary part of the outfit, but they are very much useful for protection of the palms against pressure during the ride, as well as for protecting the skin from tearing during a forced landing.


Perfect sportswear is not only highly functional, practical, light, and comfortable, it should also inspire us. When motivation goes down, good workout clothes encourage us. As work clothes prepare us to be fierce in the business world, activewear prepares us to tackle our goals and reach higher. Every athlete knows the importance of the clothes in which we choose to train. Good sneakers will help us maintain proper running form, a proper t-shirt will give us freedom of movement, and a quality jacket will give us protection.


Northern girl Laura is the epitome of a true entrepreneur. Laura’s spirit for adventure and passion for people blaze through House of Coco. She founded House of Coco in 2014 and has grown it in to an internationally recognised brand whilst having a lot of fun along the way. Travel is in her DNA and she is a true visionary and a global citizen.

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