Fashion & Personality-Spotlight on Cars

You know all about how your own sense of style and personality runs through ever single aspect of your life. From your fashionable wardrobe options to your shoes, handbags, choice of home style, location and interior design. Your very own personal style essentials are the fabric that is weaved through every aspect of your day to day existence.

The location that you choose to set your home in, the restaurants and hot spots that you dine in, and the fabulous hotels and travel destination that you holiday in all come together to create who you are and how you live.

Why on earth would your choice of car be any different?

Your Car Style

Let’s say you are well on your way to creating your own ideal lifestyle. Whatever that idea lifestyle represents for you, it is clearly something that is important and defining. If you feel that you have already arrived, and you are living your ideal lifestyle, you are already ahead of the game.

Just as you select your clothing with purpose, your accessories, and how you present yourself daily, your choice in car will either complement and extend your style persona or it can detract from it.

Your personality traits, where you are in your life journey your likes and dislikes, amongst many other factors, all influence how you select large investments like a car purchase.

If you haven’t really thought about what type of car really reflects whom you are as a person, you might want to give this quiz a whirl by The Swansway Group. You may be pleasantly surprised at times that you normally wouldn’t give much thought too when it comes to considering what type of car you really should be driving.

Lifestyle & Location

You should be realistic about your lifestyle and location when it comes to car shopping. If you live and work in a bustling metropolitan area your first mode of transport may be the underground or metro. You may have a car for weekend drives out to the country, or for fun road trips with your girlfriends whenever you have a bit freer time or while on holiday.

Whatever your lifestyle is, your car should really be a great match not only from a style perspective but from a location perspective. If you live out in the countryside you can probably opt for a mid-size or larger body size car.

Conversely if you need a car that is still super stylish but that is also compact enough to get you in and around your city, you may want to opt for something like the Abarth or the Fiat 500. You see what I mean, here right?

The car that best matches your personality along with providing you style, function, safety and the ability to get where you need to go looking fashionable to boot is the car that you should be driving off the lot when you are ready to make that purchase. Happy Shopping!




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