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Fashion Tips: 3 Reasons Why You Should Use Tweed Jackets For Your Everyday Wear

Fashion Tips: 3 Reasons Why You Should Use Tweed Jackets For Your Everyday Wear

Your choice of clothing can speak a lot about your personality. Even before you start to greet anyone in the room, your clothes can already set the tone.

April 10th, 2020

Your choice of clothing can speak a lot about your personality. Even before you start to greet anyone in the room, your clothes can already set the tone. Dressing appropriately for an occasion, for example, can leave a positive impression about yourself and personality. This is especially important if you’re representing a business or planning to apply for a job.

If you want to look good all the time and create a positive impression on all of the people you’ll meet, consider investing in tweed jackets from well-known fashion brands, such as Brook Taverner. Tweed is a woolen fabric that has similar characteristics to homespun and cheviot. Although tweed can be incorporated in different types of fabrics, a lot of tweed jackets are made by weaving this woolen fabric into a plain weave or dying the fabric in different bright colors.

Listed below are three reasons why you should use tweed jackets for your everyday wear:

1. Provides Warmth

For people living in colder areas, they choose clothes not only to help them look good, but they’re also careful in choosing because they have to make sure that these clothes can provide warmth to their bodies. Looking good will be useless if you can’t do anything throughout the day. How can you work if your arms are too cold? Do you think you can still move with ease if your arms are unprotected from the cold weather?

If you’re looking for a jacket that provides warmth, look for one that’s made from tweed. This thick fabric is known to provide ample insulation from the cold, making it easier for you to move even during the winter season. Wearing a tweed jacket is also a great option, especially if your lifestyle will require you to stay outdoors for a long period as this fabric can keep you warm.

Tweed jackets provide ample insulation because it works by locking in your body’s heat and preventing it from escaping. Unlike other fabrics and materials, the density and thickness of tweed provide optimal protection from the cold.

2. Offers Diversity

Fashion trends come and go; the clothing pieces that are “in style” today are likely different from the pieces worn by the masses in the past. People can also expect to see newer trends being worn by more and more people in the future.

You won’t have to worry about going out of style when you choose to wear tweed jackets. Contrary to popular belief, this fabric comes in a wide variety of styles, making it easy for you to mix and match this clothing item to other pieces.

Tweed jackets offer diversity because you can create the following looks when you have one:

  • The traditional tweed look: Traditionally, tweed was produced in the remote island found on the west coast of Scotland. This fabric was originally used by the locals to help them survive the cold weather. Over time, the popularity of this fabric crossed borders and eventually became a staple in fashion across the globe.

If you want to look like the locals or pay tribute to the farmers who produced tweed in the past, exert time and effort to create the traditional tweed look. You can do this by wearing a three-piece tweed suit and then pair it with a Tattersall or country check shirt.

  • Tweed jackets for office: Most people spend a lot of time deciding what to wear because they want to create a good impression at work. Regardless if you’re an entrepreneur or employee, you would always want to show off based on the clothes you wear.

You can easily achieve this goal when you wear tweed jackets. When wearing tweed jackets for office use, invest in fabrics that come in untraditional colors, like grey and blue, as these can create a more polished and sleeker appearance.

  • Smart casual tweed jackets: For people who have a laidback lifestyle, looking too formal might not be appropriate. If you’re one of them, create a smart casual look by using tweed jackets.

For you to create this look, whip off your jacket and unbutton your waist cost. Instead of wearing trousers, wear chinos, and put on a striped shirt. You can also choose to wear a lightweight turtleneck jumper to slim down your silhouette and create a sophisticated look.

3. Known For Its Strength

You’ll spend money when buying new clothes, which is why, as a consumer, you want your investment to last long. You don’t want to waste money buying items that’ll only last for weeks, right?

You can have peace of mind knowing that your hard-earned money will go a long way when you choose to buy tweed jackets. Tweed is known for its strength, which means that you can wear your jacket as often as you want without worrying about its beauty or color fading.

Choose Carefully

If this is your first time to know about tweed and tweed jackets, spend some time scouting for options and only buy from well-known fashion brands. Aside from wanting to look good, buying high-quality tweed jackets is a must as this can affect the value you’ll get from your money. The more durable your tweed jackets are, the longer you can use them and create a statement!

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