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Fat Reduction Treatments That Work Without Diet or Workouts

Fat Reduction Treatments That Work Without Diet or Workouts

Do you have a few excess pounds you want to shed but lifestyle changes aren’t possible for you? Or, maybe, you just want to speed up the results?

August 12th, 2019

Do you have a few excess pounds you want to shed but lifestyle changes aren’t possible for you? Or, maybe, you just want to speed up the results? Whatever your reason is, today you have plenty of options when it comes to non-surgical fat-reduction treatments, for example you can burn fat with cold thermogenesis which is a revolutionary technique that can help reshape your body within weeks.

In fact, there are so many of them now that it’s easy to get confused when trying to choose the best solution for you. Considering that each of these options has both advantages and disadvantages, you should research them thoroughly before making the final decision.

Top Fat-Reduction Treatments You Can Get Today


SculpSure treatment is FDA approved to use on the stomach, thighs, back, “double chin”, and “love handles”. This is a non-invasive treatment that uses a laser to heat up and irreparably damage the fat cells under your skin. Once they are disturbed, they get flushed out of your body by your own lymphatic system.

There is no downtime for this procedure, but it takes about 4 weeks to get noticeable results, and 8-12 weeks to achieve maximum benefits. The risk of burns is minimal, but it exists, so it’s imperative that you get this treatment only from a qualified and experienced professional. This particular treatment may cause discomfort and even pain, depending on your sensitivity level. However, like with all procedures that involve lasers, it’s the burns that should be your main concern.


Unlike the method above, CoolSculpting freezes your fat instead of heating it up. Due to its safety, ease, and efficiency, this is one of the most popular non-invasive fat-reduction treatments today. It’s even effective for removing fat pockets that consistently resist exercise.

The treatment is painless and safe for the vast majority of people because CoolSculpting side effects are minimal. If issues like redness or sensitivity persist for over a week, you should take to your dermatologist. However, they usually pass within a day or two and the treatment requires no downtime. This treatment shouldn’t cause any pain, only some mild discomfort at the beginning at most. The treatment is FDA approved.


Vanquish is a fat-reduction treatment that uses radiofrequency waves to heat up the fat. During the treatment, no instrument comes into contact with your skin and the risks are minimal. This is a good option for dealing with localizes fat bulges that persist despite your best efforts at dieting and exercising.

Note that Vanquish isn’t the only tool to use this technology, it’s just the most popular one. You should look into what other options are available in your area. But bear in mind that if you have loose skin, for example caused by rapid fat loss, this might not be the right treatment for you. Consult an experienced dermatologist to determine possible efficiency levels.

There is evidence to prove the efficiency of radiofrequency fat-reduction treatment of the abdominal area. But you need to understand that to achieve those results you’ll need to get the treatment consistently for four weeks. Also, some people don’t achieve a measurable change.


Injection treatments for fat reduction are gaining popularity, although few are FDA-approved today. One of those is Kybella, which is approved for use at the “double chin” area. Injections use deoxycholic acid, a chemical that triggers the death of fat cells.

This isn’t the right treatment for you if your skin tone is poor and you have loose skin. Therefore, it’s imperative to consult a qualified dermatologist before you decide to try it. You’ll need local anesthesia for the procedure because it can be quite painful. Technically, there is no downtime after injection fat-reduction therapy. However, many patients develop swelling and redness. There is a very low risk of nerve damage, so you should only get this treatment from qualified and certified professionals.

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