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A Feel-Good Facial on Fulham Road: Monnáy London

A Feel-Good Facial on Fulham Road: Monnáy London

House of Coco visited Monnáy London to receive the Chronocare Live Photosome facial which combats anti-aging and effects of blue light.

December 14th, 2020

Step off the streets of South Kensington and into the spa: the staff at Monnáy London are only too glad to welcome you. Feeling an immediate sense of calm, the spa/salon is inviting in every way possible: from its bright but ambient lighting, to the calming smells of the best products possible, to the soothing voices of the staff who fetch you a herbal tea to start your treatment off well.

Here to try one of the new facials Monnáy London is offering, my choice today was the Chronocare Live Photosome concept, activated by LED light. The treatment is currently only available at Monnáy London and is the first treatment activated by light with advanced Photosome and Marine DNA. It is the perfect facial for anyone who is either exposed to sunlight or UV lights and, sadly, I fall into this category. As someone who spends a lot of time on her phone – for both work and leisure – I have been increasingly getting worried about the effect the blue light of my phone will have on my skin so I snapped up this particular treatment immediately.

The Spa Clinic

Monnáy London runs its beauty and wellbeing treatments with an organic, medical and non-invasive approach so I felt in safe and knowledgeable hands upon arriving for my treatment. Harnessing the power of both science and innovation, Monnáy London’s facials are all designed with luxury at their core and are suitable for all skin types and genders. I liked being informed of this as I sipped my mint green tea; not only to receive some context before receiving my treatment but also to know the goals of the facials at this spa clinic. The various facials target individual skin concerns such as anti-ageing, oiliness, dry and sensitive skin, as well as skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation.

The Facial Treatment

My treatment began with a skin consultation and if you go to a spa and this doesn’t take place, I’d raise a question as it’s imperative your spa therapist understands your skin type and knows of any issues. Then I was ready to lie back and relax.

The facial started off with a double cleanse: the advanced cleanse was conducted with an ultra sonic spatula to really massage my skin. My therapist advised me after the treatment that a skincare routine shouldn’t only consist of cleansing, toning and moisturising but that we need to take real time to massage the products into our skin to boost circulation and alleviate stress. This is something I admitted I definitely needed to work on, despite being reasonably vigilant with my skincare regime.

Then came the application of a glycogen complex. My therapist told me she was applying the 20 per cent strain to my skin, given it was my first time receiving this kind of treatment and this kind of solution and she didn’t want to risk anything being too harsh for my skin. She said if I were to regularly receive the facial or if my skin was more mature, she would apply the 40 per cent strain.

Serums were up next: the chronocare face gel with advanced photosomes and vitamins C and E was massaged into my skin – simultaneously in a vigorous and relaxing manner. The serum is full of antioxidants and helps fight free radicals against the skin. A second serum was also applied, this one being a chronocare activator to help the benefits of the serum take effect.

A red LED light was then shone on my face to stimulate collagen production and activate photosomes, in order to release the active ingredients used in my facial so far into my skin. As she recommended, my therapist massaged the products into my skin to optimise the benefits. The moisturiser used to finish my treatment contained advanced photosomes to lock in the moisture and worked to help rebuild the hydrolipid barrier in my skin, creating a protective film.

The treatment finished with a slick of lip balm to ensure the entirety of my face felt hydrated and nourished. It probably wasn’t the most advisable act to take a quick selfie upon finishing the treatment that aimed to reduce the negative effects of blue light from my phone…but I had to snap how glowing my face looked post-facial.

The Chronocare Live Photosome concept facial costs £200 for a 60 minute treatment and can be booked online at monnay.co.uk.

Amira Arasteh

Amira Arasteh

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