Festival Fun and Survival Kit

As well as millions of smiles, cuddles, magical mystery tours and memories full of sparkles, coming away from any festival turns you into a bit of a pro at what to pack!

So whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned party pal who knows exactly what they’re doing, we can guarantee there’ll be something on this list that you never even thought of.

So from toilet solutions to ways to make others smile, here are the things to stock up on now and never forget at a festival. In no. Particular. Order.

Bunting. Everyone loves a bit of bunting… we’re British, it’s one of our ‘things’! Get crafting. It’s easy. Our tip for festival bunting is to use all sorts of different colours and fabrics. Nothing should match. Cut out loads of triangles. For the bit to stick them onto use either rope or a few layers of wool knotted along the length to keep it neat. Then just sew, sew, sew! Totally lush way of personalising your tent and makes a very creative accessory if you wear it as a scarf. BOOM!

Hats. And by ‘hats’ we don’t just mean something that was sold to you as a hat. Get creative, you’re at a festival not a ball. Get your woolly hat ready or your tiger hat or bear hat, sure. But don’t forget that at festivals everything is ‘different’. Be part of the festival’s mission to change perceptions and surprise people. Get a small lampshade and attach it to a head band with wire, or a ball of wool or attach some string to a teddy or a doll and wang that up there. (yes, ‘wang’).

Alternatively, make yourself a stunning fascinator, it really couldn’t be easier. Get one of those small comb clips your Nan used to have, get loads of cotton material and just sew it into a ball. Then get the see through net material off an old poufy skirt or dress and sew that in to hang down over your demure, festival pout.

Tail. TAIL! On the morning that you wake up like a wilted petal… dress up crazy, glitter the universe out of your face and take the stroll out of camp. All sounds fairly normal for a festival morning… but wait! Don’t.forget.your TAIL!

From now on, never be without your Festival Tail. The tails are sold for charity, the people are adorable and if you find their tent at a festival this year… stay because it turns into a rave later!

Get them online before you go or find out where they’ll be! WWW.FESTIVALTAILS.COM

Travel John. Pee in a bag! Seriously. We know it sounds gross. But Travel John will save your life!

Certain festivals are a joke for getting to the loo. Especially after your daily 2 hour sleep at about 7 am. What the deuce are people doing awake washing their hair and brushing their teeth for at that time of the day! No.

Anyway, buy some Travel Johns. They’re nowhere near as disgusting as they sound and super easy to use. The pee solidifies, you seal the bag up and chuck it away. It doesn’t smell or leak. Done. Seriously, get over it.

www.traveljohn.com or buy them on eBay or Amazon!

Emergency Blanket. EMERGENCY! Basically, tie these over the top of your tent. If it rains they make it more water proof and if it’s sunny you won’t wake up like a sweaty baked potato because they reflect the heat away. People may wonder what you’re doing but trust me, when you see them realise, the egg on THEIR face is delicious!

Cashew Nuts. Yep. Trust. These are the perfect festival snack. They fill you up and give you energy!

Baby Wipes. Obvious, we know, but just DON’T.FORGET!

Glitter. Red, Silver, Gold, Green, Blue. Head to your local market, we dare you! You’ll find it in buckets for super cheap.

Glitter wakes you up in the morning, makes you shine at night and you meet so many people when there’s sparkles on the scene. Be happy and be prepared to dish it out to strangers. You’ll make one of their memories with that glitter.

Water Carrier.  Get one from Go Outdoors or somewhere similar. Every time you go near a tap whilst you’re still at camp, fill it up. Hide it under another emergency blanket to keep it as cool as possible. You will not regret doing that when you wake up. Trust. Being thirsty is the worst feeling at a festival. That and needing the loo (but you’ll be fine ‘cos you can have a sneaky pee into your Travel John in your tent!)

Tissues. Again, obvious. But just do it. And don’t forget to take a couple of packs out with you every day.

Fairy  Lights. This one is super important! Get to Wilkos or Ikea and buy some battery powered fairy lights. No, not ‘some’, buy about six sets! You’ll need one for inside of your tent, one for your porch, two for the outside of the tent (So you know it’s yours), one to make a path leading up to your front door so you don’t trip over anything and one to wear around your body. Done. Sparkle.

Other obvious but necessary items. Face paint. Bin Bags. Dry Shampoo.

And of course, don’t forget your… toothbrush!

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