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Festive decoration ideas that will leave everyone speechless

Festive decoration ideas that will leave everyone speechless

The holiday season is almost upon us – and the anticipation is growing across the nation. Food, family, presents, and more; there’s such a lot to look forward to. And this includes the tradition of decking the halls. But what can you do if you’d like to give your festive decorations a bit of a twist in 2022? Well, there are many different things you can do that’ll have a real wow factor.

The possibilities are almost endless too. It could be a sustainable solution, a self-made creation, or a truly Christmassy spectacle to take the breath away. Here are some of those ideas:

Musical crackers

What do you look forward to most when sat around the family dinner table at Christmas? Is it a juicy slice of turkey, succulent root vegetables, or a beautiful Yule log? For some, it’s the delight that is pulling crackers. Even better – crackers that play festive music as they’re pulled? This is something you can make yourself too by programming a hidden micro:bit inside each cracker.

LED string balls

A dazzling light display is something to look forward to each Christmas. But it doesn’t mean you have to go as big as the likes of Disneyland with your decorations. It’s possible to create such a beautiful outdoor display when using something as simple as LED string balls. Drape them from your trees, wrap them around your railings, or hang them from your roof for maximum effect.

Lovely lavender

One of the more traditional options that can have an amazing effect is the use of lavender. The understated lilacs and purples can be used in wreaths and Christmas trees alike. It’s a new take on the more familiar pine Christmas tree. Not only is it easy on the eye, but lavender tantalises your sense of smell too with its aroma. Then, after Christmas, put it outside and watch it bloom.

Alternative Christmas Trees

If lavender doesn’t strike a chord, you can also consider another alternative Christmas tree. The growing worries over the environmental impact of traditional options is one reason for seeking a catchy new option. So, create a talking point in your community by decorating that palm tree in your front yard – or perhaps even a cactus. A bit of tinsel and some lights are all you need!

Holiday gnomes

Gnomes aren’t necessarily the first thing you’ll think of when it comes to Christmas decorations – or Christmas at all! But did you that festive gnomes can have a fantastic effect on your décor? One reason they’re becoming more popular is the enchanted forest vibe they can give the home at this magical time of year. And they’re equally impressive indoors or outdoors.

As you can see, there are loads of festive decoration ideas you can choose from this holiday season. Some are already there waiting for you. Some just take a bit of handiwork. And the others don’t have to cost the earth. What they all do, however, is create a real talking point with your friends and family. And isn’t bringing people together what Christmas is all about?