House of Coco Visit’s New Pop-Up Paleo Dining Event In East London – Be at Buckley’s

In London we have so much choice of where to eat. It seems to be every day that we are presented with a new restaurant, cafe, bar… all kinds of eating establishments, but when you are trying to be health conscious, that narrows down the choice slightly (goodbye fast food, american diners, creamy indian curry, etc…) and when you are following a specific diet, then that pretty much limits it to a handful of places.


But now we have Be at Buckley’s; an ongoing culinary collaboration at Hackney’s Mr Buckley’s. This once a month dining event is for those that are following the paelolithic eating lifestyle (paleo diet) or for anyone  who want to try the healthier ‘pre-industrial’ way of living at high quality restaurant standards. Each month the menu will be curated by highly regarded, young health and well-being practitioner Tasha Bermingham (AKA Tasha/Be) , and masterfully prepared by Mr. Buckley’s head chef Daryll Wilson to create a healthy, well-thought out seasonal menu. Expect organic grass-fed meats, wild fish, organic vegetables, fresh salads and inventive desserts that are free from refined sugars, pasteurised dairy and grains.


Being what I (and most of my friends) would describe as a ‘fussy’ eater whose regular diet consists mainly of pizza, I was quite nervous attending such an event where the food is quite health specific. I did expect it to be a set menu as I thought it would be difficult to create varied meals within the restrictions of the Paleo diet but I was pleasantly surprised at the wide variety of options available for all parts of the 3 course meal, many of which I  found appealing! A nice touch is the ‘Tasting Notes’ that accompany the menu which show every single ingredient that has gone into preparing the dish, including oils and herbs and seasonings. It’s such a great idea to actually know what you’re eating for once, especially when it comes to allergies.

IMG_2453 copy

Both myself and my guest chose the wonderfully named ‘Sutton Hoo Chicken Two Ways’ for our main and loved the sweet potato wedges with the delicate liquorice flavouring. The whole dish had a slightly sweeter than expected taste which was really fresh and exciting, especially when you think this beautiful sweetness has come from natural ingredients rather than the artificial sugars we are normally presented with! It was in all honestly beautiful, and something I would definitely recommend for diners to try when visiting Be at Buckley’s (it should be a staple main on the menu!)

IMG_2459 copy

Another highlight to the evening was the desserts. I had the coconut milk and honey pannacotta and my friend the goji berry bakewell which we both really enjoyed. The puddings did not taste as sweet as you would normally expect but instead had a healthier, lighter taste which was really nice and stopped that usual guilty feeling when indulging in desserts!

Overall, our evening at Be at Buckley’s was a huge success. All the courses were beautifully presented in a modern aesthetic and even more importantly, tasted really good! The evening is a real eye opener to the food that can be produced without the added sugars, stock cubes and processed grains that appear in almost most of our diets and makes you question why we do actually use these ingredients when great tasting food can be made without. You don’t need to follow a healthy regime to enjoy this food either, there is something for everyone, even someone as fussy as myself so i’d definitely recommend trying out Be at Buckley’s.

To book tickets for the event call Mr. Buckley’s 020 3664 0033 or visit at 277 Hackney Rd, London E2 8NA. Tickets are £35 per head for the three courses with juices, cocktails and biodynamic wine as additional extras and it opens to the public on Tuesday 6th May.

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