Be Empowered by Daisy London’s new VITA Jewellery

At House of Coco, we are fiercely proud of the skin we are in. [...]

At House of Coco, we are fiercely proud of the skin we are in. So we are excited to hear about jewellery brand Daisy London’s new VITA collection.

VITA is a series of sculptural pieces that capture different angles of the female body, from the face to the torso. They offer a tactile reminder that we should embrace ourselves for all that we are. 

The collection comprises three pendant necklaces, a sculpted bust signet-style ring and a pair of charm hoop earrings. Each piece is a bold celebration of the beauty, strength and resilience of the female body. 

Daisy London collaborated with several inspiring women to celebrate VITA including body positivity advocate Natalie Lee and Berlin-based curator Alexandra Tischenko. Check out their visual interpretations of the collection in these stunning images.

Each piece is available in 18ct gold-plated silver and sterling silver with prices starting from £59.

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