Fine Dining at Fiddleheads in Jamesburg,NJ

The House Of Coco team is full of great editors, writers, photographers and last but not least, FOODIES. Since food is huge part of life, why not live it up while eating amazing food and restaurant Fiddleheads in Jamesburg, New Jersey has just that. Owners Brian P. Blatz and Lionel D. Davis, who is also the Executive Chef have a great new american bistro style menu with some of the most succulent dishes you’ll  find in the New York/New Jersey area. As soon as you walk in you feel at home. A warm greeting from Brian which makes everyone feel welcome and at ease in a cozy ambient setting surrounded by art and an immaculate wait staff, you think it cant any better, but it does.

The menu of food was exquisite, with a range of different things to dine from including meats and cheeses to some really cool vegetarian dishes. We would love to go through each dish one by one but that would take way too much time, so we have chosen our favorites for all of you foodies out there that might be in the New York/New Jersey area or are coming to visit. IMG_20141030_182818-1

1. The Dijon Apricot Pork Tenderloin

2. The Steak Diane

3. The ‘Bangin’ Shrimp

4.The Duck Confit

5. The Pineapple Upside Down Cake


These are all the things you guys have got to try if you visit and if you live a gluten free lifestle, most of the dishes are prepared that way. One of the coolest things about Fiddleheads is their Bring Your Own Bottle Of Wine advantage. If you’re a wine drinker and have a favorite type of wine that places dont usually carry, you’re more than welcome to bring it with you.


Fiddleheads in Jamesburg is definitely HOUSE OF COCO APPROVED!

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