Fingers Crossed For An Indian Summer – Late Summer Beauty Buys!

If you’re about to escape the rain and grey skies of the UK and embark on a late summer holiday (not envious one bit!), be sure to grab these travel essentials…


Murad Essential C Sunbalm Broad Spectrum SPF 35 (£19.50)


We love that this Murad Sunbalm is not only easy to apply and a brilliant option for more sunburn-prone areas (think bridge of nose, hands, tops of feet, and hairline) but the formula, which contains only a tiny amount of fragrance, is loaded with a broad range of repairing and smoothing ingredients. The unique formula uses one of my favourite vegetables, Broccoli Extract, to stimulate skin’s natural defence against UV damage; Tangerine Butter to lock in moisture and leave skin silky smooth; and Antioxidant Vitamins A, C and E to defend and protect skin’s health. All told, this is a great option for normal to oily or combination skin, including breakout-prone skin as its soft balmy texture is so light, it won’t clog or block pores.


Sleek 3 by Blush Palette in Pumpkin (£9.99)


Sleek doesn’t only make great eyeshadow palettes and wonderful lipsticks, the brand is also very well known for their insanely pigmented blushes!

This trio of blush may look scary at first glance but against sun-kissed bronzed skin, it is the perfect mix of warm tones to give a healthy glow to all skin tones. Use them on there own or mix them together for a custom, unique shade. Our personal fave is the ‘P Pie’ (P for pumpkin maybe?) bright tangerine shade with its chalky matte finish which gives a sweep of tanned goodness to the cheeks. At a bargain price as well, you cannot go wrong!



Acqua D’Alfresco Beauty Without Bites Fragrance Spray (£30)


More functional than fabulous, many of us grab insect repellant without much thought, a last minute supermarket buy and spend most of the holiday trying to cover up the distinct smell. Thankfully, House of Coco has been given the heads up about an utterly gorgeous product that smells as wonderful as it repels. When opening up Acqua D’Alfresco and seeing the high end looking glass bottle inside, it was obvious this was going to be different.  Acqua D’Alfresco is an exquisite blend of botanical extracts that are proven to repel biting insects.  It’s described as a ‘spicy floriental’ scent which sums it up perfectly as there are oils of Patchouli, Geranium, Orange and Cinnamon in the formula, all of which combine to create a sultry, heady fragrance that’s every bit as desirable as a mainstream high end perfume. Like all Alfresco products, it doesn’t use skin-irritating DEET which is great for all ages of the family. As they say, ‘humans love it, insects hate it’.


Fake Bake Faux Glo (£13.50)


So maybe it’s not that sunny on holiday and it torrential rained all week – but no body has to know with Faux Glo. Inspired by makeup artists who wanted to quickly create a beautiful, bronzed look with a camera ready finish, Faux Glo contains bronzers and skin enhancers that make minor skin imperfections disappear. Say goodbye to thread veins, scars and bruises – this product covers all! Literally spray on and let set like a makeup to give a beautiful even coverage to the skin. Amazingly you will get your desired results in under 5 minutes and you don’t need to be a pro!


Leonor Greyl Secret de Beauté Huile (£40.50)


Leonor Greyl products were made for dreamy island life, especially this delicious multi-use Secret de Beauté oil with its luxurious floral fragrance. One whiff and you’re instantly transported to a white sandy beach, lazily swinging in a hammock, Pina Colada in hand! With its delicate perfume of lemon grass, tiare and yucca, this composition of natural oils is a source of beauty for hair and body. Multi-purpose and convenient to use (top points for being a suitcase space saver!), it protects and restores skin quality, beautifies and strengthens the hair not only for summer, but all year round.

And if you can still get your hands on it, there is a limit edition Huile Secret de Beauté OR which is enhanced with a golden shimmer that is ideal for adding a touch of glamour to every outfit. Use on the skin, hair or anywhere you fancy a sparkle. It’s totally irresistible and worth stocking up on for the upcoming Christmas season!

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