Fire & Ice: Why Idaho Should Be On Your Travel Bucketlist

Idaho Tourism Fire & Ice Festival

Here at House of Coco, we love discovering holiday destinations that offer the perfect mix of luxury, adventure, and incredible gastronomy. Idaho was not on our radar when recently asked about great U.S. states to holiday in. However, when our travel and food writing team, Eulanda & Omo recently attended a Visit Idaho event hosted by AVIAREPS, they were blown away by all that the state has to offer.

We were invited for an afternoon of luxury spa offerings, cuisine, and a cooking demonstration by the head chef of K West Hotel & Spa near Shepherds Bush station in London. Having been born and raised in the U.S., I would love to say I’m quite familiar with tourism offerings in most states. However, besides making the (very cliché) potato connection, there was obviously very little I knew about Idaho. Our eyes opened wide, as we were visually taken through stunning images of mountains, sand dunes, water sports, luxury retreats, and delicious cuisine. Aside from sharing borders with Yellowstone National Park, how is this deliciously diverse state not well known on the international tourism map?

As we spent an afternoon enjoying the award winning spa of K West Hotel & Spa, and their famed ‘snow room’.   This was the perfect foray into an immersive food experience. As we sampled well known dishes unique to the state of Idaho, our lovely hosts showed us exactly why Idaho should be our next holiday of choice!

For adventurers of any age, Idaho really shines in this area! Get ready to be spoilt for choice with white water rafting adventures on the legendary Salmon, Snake, or Payette River. Make sure to not be distracted by the stunning views as your raft crashes against the racing river waters! As one who’s had their fair share of rafting adventures (and accidents), Idaho’s rapids look incredible.  If rapids don’t provide enough speed for you, hop on a snowmobile during a winter holiday, and whiz over 7,200 miles of trails, specially designed for those blazing machines of glory. Island Park Idaho is home to 400 of those miles alone, and is connected to the famed Yellowstone National Park.

If you’re an avid festival goer, Idaho has an incredible mix of cultural, adventure, and food based festivals to suit any taste. Tickle your inner history buff with the Sapaatq’ayn Cinema Native American Film Festival, held every March. Run away from the winter blues at Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, during the Fire and Ice Winter Fest, held every February. If you like to taste and listen, the Huckleberry Jam Music Festival will provide the tunes to work off all the delicious offerings you’ll encounter.

Foodies, your palettes will thank you for Idaho’s fresh regional produce, as well as classic favourites like the chocolate potato donut (believe us, you have to try it to believe it), and a local must, the potato rosti. Make sure to check out the Basque market in Boise for Spanish croquetas, paella, and other imported delights. If you desire to sample a luxurious seafood option, then your trip is not complete without trying the famed Idaho Sturgeon Caviar. However, we must round out the culinary options with a very ‘hot’ addition. For those addicted to spice, Idaho’s Habanero Pizza achieved national acclaim after being featured in the U.S. TV show “Man vs. Food”. This chili induced experience is only for those with a high tolerance for heat…no, fire!

For the luxury travellers who want to experience a mix of it all, book a luxury river trip, and glamp under the stars, whilst enjoying an organic menu and fine dining experience. Experiences like these are described as the “Ultimate American Safari.” Once your glamping adventure ends, further treat yourself to a combination of luxury spa treatments at the Coeur d’Alene Resort. Your body will thank you for all the love and care you’ve so willingly given it.

We honestly didn’t need any additional convincing after this incredibly informative afternoon. Idaho has surreptitiously made it onto our travel wishlist. I imagine that our next hop across the pond to the U.S. will find us dipping into all matter of fire and ice, Idaho style!

For more information regarding Idaho, please go to Visit IdahoIt’s important to note that there are no direct flights from London to Idaho. However, various tour operators are working to make the option available. 



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