Finding the five best spas in London seems like an arduous task, I know. But to be honest with you, it’s a necessary one and I’ll tell you why.

I know what you’re thinking; a spa? Necessary? I can hear you snorting at me now. But here’s the truth. I love London but I don’t know about you – this city of ours does tire me out. When I was younger, the spa seemed to be just an element of luxury to me – and it still is; I’m just finding more and more excuses to add some luxury care into my life.

While getting out of the city and having a relaxing weekend of treatments sounds like the obvious choice, we don’t always have time to leave London for a couple of days. Enter find the best spas in London and the most indulgent methods of pampering right here in the city. Some spas I’ve included in this elite list were recommended to me by friends, others are notorious for being popular among most.

ESPA Life at The Corinthia London

Best Spas in London

This made it onto my five best spas of London list because it could not have lived up to its reputation better than it did. This is an example of a spa I’d been told about by work colleagues, read about in magazines and heard my favourite bloggers discussing. The Corinthia London is grand on its own but ESPA manages to combine grandeur with calm – and it works. I went for a 60-minute hot stone massage and my therapist, Matt, was incredible. Those hot stones were an absolute DREAM on my skin, relieving tension and aches. Not only did he transport me to heaven, relieving me of my stress and knots, but he also practised reflexology.

At the end of my hour of pure bliss, he asked me about my knee and if it hurt when I bent it. I’d just rejoined the real world so this genuinely felt like a psychic reading at first but, in fact, Matt had just observed when he was giving me my massage. Mind. Blown. I’d recommend this in a heartbeat – especially as a gift. The spa facilities were gorgeous as well; saunas, steam rooms and spa pools but also the magical sleep pods – allowing you to truly dismiss London for a moment or two.

A 60-minute hot stone massage is priced at £165.


In the heart of London’s Cadogan Gardens lies this hidden gem. Seriously, if you’re not looking for it, you might very well miss it. Right, let’s move away from making this spa sound like the Room of Requirement in Harry Potter and discuss exactly what makes it such a perfectly hidden oasis and one of the best spas in London. It’s a lot more intimate and boutique than your average hotel spa; pool and steam room ready to transport you to relaxation. I was unsure which type of massage to go for.

The spa mainly specialises in two different styles; Balinese and Malay (although specific ones such as for those who are pregnant are also on the menu). The Malay style is gentler and known more for its relief of stress and tiredness – while the Balinese focuses on recharging the body and getting rid of tension. I knew I needed the second one. The experience was fantastic; my therapist was excellent at kneading out all my knots and I truly felt the complete opposite to when I rushed through the door an hour earlier. She also kindly gave me tips to avoid building tension in my problem areas (neck and shoulders) – thank you freelance, always carrying a-tote-bag life.

A 90-minute massage is priced at £180.

Four Seasons at Ten Trinity Square

I’m a huge fan of the Four Seasons and the elegance that all of their hotels possess. However, I’d never been lucky enough to relax in one of their spas so I leapt at my chance here. I always feel my body cries out for a massage more often but we often forget how much we use our facial muscles and how they also need to relax and recharge. When booking a facial, I tend to go for one with exciting ingredients such as grapefruit or green tea.

I was recommended the Swiss Age Perfecting Jewel facial – well, I suppose I am 25 now – to rejuvenate my skin. The facial began by deeply cleansing and exfoliating my skin with a bamboo and shea butter scrub. You never realise how much tension accumulates in your face until it is massaged. Using an anti-ageing serum, my face felt revitalised as it was kneaded and pressed to boost circulation and de-stress my skin. What I love about facials is that they (the good ones, anyway) finish with a mask, to fully complete the treatment. This one was a hydrating and nourishing Royal Jelly cream for extra nutrients. The spa facilities at Ten Trinity Square are particularly impressive and I could have easily stayed there all day.

A 60-minute facial is priced between £160-180.

Ella di Rocco

Slightly different from the others included here – Ella di Rocco is a medispa in London. About halfway down Fulham Road, this Italian spa combines relaxing experiences with non-invasive medical treatments and leaves you visibly calmer and more rejuvenated upon leaving. I had to include this on my best spas in London list as I had heard of the facility’s Queen of Rose package. I’ve long been a fan of the spa/beauty brand Lola’s Apothecary but had never tried the Cleopatra-inspired bath milk.

Beginning my treatment with a foot bath in rose petals and Lola’s Apothecary’s essential oils (the Delicate Romance range, to be specific), I then had a body scrub using a Himalayan salt and raw sugar relaxing body polish mixed with the brand’s beautiful body soufflé. This was followed by a 15-minute bath in the iconic bath milk, essential oils and rose petals as I indulged in a glass of Prosecco. After my long and peaceful soak, my massage began. It was deep and thorough; starting on my back and including a long session on my feet (which I always feel full body massages don’t leave enough time for). I think my therapist, Angelica, laughed while she was kneading out my knots (they were pretty stiff) but it worked in the end as I left fully relaxed and as tension-free as I could be. I’d be intrigued to try the wine spa treatment package.

The Queen of Roses treatment package (90 minutes) is priced at £140.

Bulgari Hotel Spa

This spa is not only gorgeous in its design but it is also versatile for all customers, offering a range of treatments. Perhaps you’re looking for a one-off massage session, to momentarily relieve stress and tension. From classic aromatherapy massages to deep tissue treatments, you can get whatever you’re looking for at this wellness centre within the hotel in Knightsbridge.

Specialised treatments such as shiatsu and deep muscle massages are also on the menu, among a myriad of exotic and advanced facial treatments. Long-term programmes are also on offer for those wanting to make changes via lymphatic drainage treatments etc. The spa is award-winning and one of the most exclusive in London. Beautifully designed, across two levels, from onyx, oak and Vicenza stone, with gold mosaic and gold leaf tiles, this truly is how to walk off the streets and into immediate luxury.

60-minute massages start from £140.


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