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Floor Tiles 101: Different Floor Tiles For Different Rooms

Floor Tiles 101: Different Floor Tiles For Different Rooms

September 7th, 2022

Tiles are the ever-so-popular option to other types of flooring in the house. They are easy to install, easily available, easy to maintain and last longer than you would expect. While the options for floor tiles are aplenty, there are segregations as per different rooms. You have specific tiles for specific areas like the bathrooms, kitchens, porches, swimming pools, living rooms, balconies and so on. Since each of the spaces in a house requires a particular aspect with respect to its flooring, different types of tiles fulfil that criteria. Now, let’s look at the different tiles that suit different rooms perfectly…

  1. Kitchen: Kitchen requires a lot of durability as it is a heavy-activity zone. With appliances, cooking, spills, staining, and heavy foot traffic that it experiences on a daily basis, it needs equally well-performing floor tiles to withstand the foot traffic. In such scenarios, ceramic or porcelain tiles are the best and the safest options to go to. They are much more durable than natural stone or concrete flooring, and are stain and moisture resistant which is a huge plus in a place like a kitchen. Add in a glass tile backsplash and you have trendy kitchen décor at your disposal.
  2. Bedroom: Bedrooms are a personal space and you want them to be as cosy as possible. And that starts with your flooring. The floor tiles, the colour, the finish, the design, and the pattern build the ambience for a comfortable corner that is a bedroom. You can use travertine tiles, dark, book match, digital glazed vitrified tiles and many more as the list is endless. Another option to consider is concrete stain, which can give your bedroom floor a unique and stylish look. If you're interested in this option, it's best to consult with professional concrete stain contractors to ensure that the job is done properly. Keep in mind that durability and design are paid more attention to so that your room remains in line with the times for a long time.
  3. Living Room: Living Room is the most utilised social space of your house. Whether it is your guests, family, friends or even if it’s just you, you go to the living room when you don’t want to lounge around lazily in the bedroom anymore. The living room floor tiles need to be extremely durable as well since there are quite a number of pieces of furniture that lay their weight on the flooring. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are obviously the go-to options for spaces like these. However, if you are in the mood to experiment, there are other variants that you can try for their versatility. You can also go for different finishes like matte, glossy, super glossy and lapato depending on your expectations. Before you buy living room tiles, you need to get some things straight with respect to the quality, size, finish, pattern and design among other things.
  4. Bathroom: Bathrooms are areas that are exposed to constant water and moisture. In such spaces, you cannot compromise the quality especially when safety is concerned. Germ-free tiles, anti-skid tiles and forever tiles are some of the options that are quite safe to install in the bathroom flooring. You can go for highlighter tiles for the walls as well.
  5. Entryway: For the entryway that is a path to your home, you need to impress with the first impression. For this space, you can keep it a bit understated and yet stylish. Vitrified flooring in glossy finish would be a good choice with monotone design or a chessboard-like pattern that will give it the extra pzazz that your space needs.
  6. Outdoor Walkway: Outdoor spaces are exposed to changing temperatures whether it is the heat, rains or the harsh winters. Pavers tiles, Rocker series and germ-free tiles are again one of the safest options. They are less porous which makes them ideal for rainy seasons and absorb less water. They are also quite easy to maintain and can withstand a decent amount of weight and foot and vehicle traffic which makes it much easier.

Although the market for tiles has expanded, you can now differentiate between rooms and their corresponding floor tiles. The different types of floor tiles, be it for living room, bedrooms, kitchens, outdoor areas and so on are made to withstand the pressures and aspects that come with each area. Therefore, the next time you are doing up your home, segregate your floor tile options based on the rooms.

Author Bio - Mahima Rawat works with the content team at Orientbell Tiles, where she creates interesting lifestyle pieces on home and interior design. She loves presenting options to her readers so they can make the right choices when it comes to their home interiors. Flooring and tiles are her favourite topics. Besides interior design, she also loves to travel, play badminton and listen to music.

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