Is this the most luxurious spa in Tuscany?

January blues have got us dreaming about warm and wonderful places across the pond to indulge in a little winter warmth, but contrary to visions of Italy in all its sun kissed glory, it’s not just bronzed skin and bottomless wine we’re after. Total relaxation and wellness is on the menu for 2020 and there’s no better place to experience a slice of peace and luxury than Fonteverde spa, nestled in the San Casciano dei Bagni area amongst the Tuscan hills.

Whether it’s a romantic weekend for two or a solo soiree for some much needed “me time”, the hotel offers a plethora of cutting-edge spa programmes, from Oriental disciplines and aesthetic treatments, to fitness and diet programmes. Guests can enjoy a bespoke stay designed to complement their lifestyle, mindset or kick-start their aspirations for a healthier everyday routine.

Alongside exquisite Italian fine dining, state-of-the-art fitness studio and a system of ultra-relaxing thermal pools (free for hotel guests), Fonteverde offers three main health pathways for a true detox experience. The Equilibrium Programme has a positive impact on the nervous, endocrine and immune systems with weight loss, detox and anti-stress effects. The Anti-cellulite Programme works to improve the symptoms and, more importantly, fights the causes of cellulite such as silent tissue inflammation. The Periodic Fasting Programme reduces abdominal fat, maintains lean body mass, improves inflammation and lengthens healthy lifespans.

Thermal springs have always distinguished the surrounding area and the hotel – originally built as a renaissance palace for the Grand Duke Ferdinando I de’ Medici, was purposefully set atop the natural hot springs to fully utilise the healing power of the thermal waters. Thermal mud and spring water treatments available at the spa are designed to reduce the quantity and effects of free radicals and have powerful anti-inflammatory powers that work to boost repair functions. One thing is for sure – for anyone looking to supercharge their 2020 with some serious tlc, Fonteverde is the place for you.

Of the hotel’s seven pools, two indoor pools are dedicated to treatments such as “Thalaquam Massage” and the “Bath of light”, while a third partly indoor partly outdoor pool, provides innovate hydro-massage techniques. The “Bioaquam” pool offers draining and toning plans with numerous jets of water. Against a backdrop of unforgettable views of the Val d’Orcia valley, the warm thermal waters, panoramic infinity pools and hot tubs are especially perfect for autumnal and weekend tips when the weather is cooler – the spring water that supplies the pools has therapeutic properties with elements such as sulphur, calcium, fluoride, and magnesium and emerges from the 40 natural springs at a temperature of 42°C, allowing guests to restore their natural balance away from the glare of the Italian summer sun.

Taking a step back from our busy lives in an ever stressful world, each programme and treatment is thoughtfully designed to help us uncover our ability to rebalance and reconnect with our body and mind amidst lush green hills and Italian wine. Sign us up!

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