Four places where you can find pests in the home

It might have taken you days, weeks, months – maybe even years – but you’ve finally got your home just the way that you want. However, things aren’t quite right: you keep finding gnaw marks here and there, maybe some droppings, and you always hear scurrying, scratching sounds at night. If that sounds familiar to you, then you might have a pest problem.

Your next question, then, might be: but where are they coming from? You might not know where these pests are getting into your home but, despite your best efforts, there will be some places that you should try searching first. These are some of the most common hideouts that different pests may be found.

Your garage

This place will be a particularly attractive area for pests. This is because it will be dark and have less foot traffic, so you may retreat here once they’ve raided the rest of your home. It’s also an easy point to get in and out of your property, it provides shelter, and will have a source of food with items such as garbage, cardboard boxes, and even grills.

If you’ve had a look in your garage and you can’t find pests, then have a look at your car. Mice and rats can get into your boot or under the bonnet, where it’ll be warm and dry. Cockroaches, fleas, and spiders have also been known to get into vehicles.

Inside your walls

Have you heard the pitter-patter scratching sounds of little paws in your walls? If you have, but you’ve not seen any mice or rats, then they could be in the walls of your home – and they could be doing some serious damage here, by chewing through wires and insulation.

There are several ways you can deal with pests in your walls. However, you may wish to consult someone who specializes in pest control in Salt Lake City to see the option that is best for you – either for these types of critters or any other pests that may have set up home in your property.

In your garbage bins

No matter where you put your bins – either by the curb, in the garage, under a sink, in your pantry or next to your building – then all sorts of rodents and bugs will smell out your rubbish. This also includes any recycling bins that you may have, because these may be changed less frequently.

Up in the attic

If you hear any scratching sounds from overhead, then have a look for rodents in your roof – they prefer being warm, high, and dry. The types of pests that you could find in your attic may include roof rats, squirrels, stinging insects (e.g., wasps and hornets), raccoons, birds, mice and bats. You may also find that you’re also at home to a termite population, which are attracted to rotting wood, old wood, or unsealed wood. If you find any loose insect wings, tiny piles of sawdust, or mud tubes, then these all indicate that you may have termites.

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