As House of Coco magazine Interiors Editor Siobhan Murphy sat down with BBC Interior Design Masters finalist Jack Kinsey, she was immediately struck by his passion for art and interior design. Jack is an artist and interior designer based in Norfolk, England, and his love for both art forms is evident in everything he does.

It was fantastic seeing Jacks gorgeous designs each week, here we delve a little deeper into the creative genius and what inspires him.

Growing up, Jack was always interested in the arts. He originally trained as a fine artist, painting and sculpting, and he loved everything about it, especially anything historical. This is what inspired him to buy an older property and transform it into his home.

One day, while walking through the countryside with his partner, they came across an old chapel completely overgrown with ivy. As soon as they laid eyes on it, they knew they wanted to transform it into their home.

Inside, the chapel was a giant open-plan space with vaulted ceilings, arched windows, and original floors. It was the perfect canvas for Jack to not only restore but to really express himself with the interior.

The chapel and his style went hand in hand, and he could run wild with the idea of historical glamour, adding intricate ornate plasterwork ceilings, panelling, columns, and of course, a grand staircase.

Inspiration for the chapel’s interior actually came from the richness of what he saw on his travels to Rome and Europe. The plasterwork ceilings and craftsmanship had him lost for words, and he so wanted to bring a little bit of that back to Norfolk.

Jack’s humble countryside chapel started to take similar shape to the Sistine Chapel.

He sculpted a lot of the ceilings, hand-painted faux marble, and picked a timeless colour scheme. When applications for Interior Design Masters were open, his boyfriend pushed him to apply. He said it was the perfect program for him to showcase his style to the world, and so he applied. He really wanted to be pushed outside his comfort zone and take part in a competition he knew he could do well in. He submitted pics of the chapel, a bit about himself, and they got back to him. He was quite shocked, overwhelmed, and excited!

Jack’s favourite week on Interior Design Masters was Salon Week. He thinks it was because it was such a quick turnaround and such a big space to really go mad with. He also learned to love a new style, mixing Japanese influence with Scandi, together creating a Japandi salon interior that was so cool! He loved all the bold colours he used that week and was able to showcase his first attempt at freehand mural painting (which turned out fabulous if he does say so himself)! Inspired by his freehand mural that week, he has since been working on his own hand-painted wallpaper range, which wouldn’t have come into fruition unless he’d given it a go during Salons Week so it was meant to be.

Although Salons was his favourite week, he thinks his proudest design was episode 5 beach chalets. He was gifted with a really beautiful Art Deco chalet that week used by the NHS workers in the local area. The NHS is so close to his heart, having cystic fibrosis. They have really been there for him, and without them, he may not even be here right now talking about this. Not only are the NHS close to his heart, but Art Deco also is, tying back in with that historical glamour he loves and adores so much. He created a bespoke ornate ceiling featuring synchronised swimmers depicting the unity our NHS show and provide for us all.

Jack generously shared his top five interior design hacks with House of Coco:

My top 5 interior hacks always boil down to the basics, that being the architecture of the room you are dealing with.

  1. Has it got tall ceilings? If so take colour and wrap it right over the walls and ceilings, you can do this by using paint or wallpaper creating a cocooning cosy feeling. If you are blessed with natural light than use the opportunity to go BOLD go DARK, this achieves an immersive feeling with instant wow factor!
  2. Consider the structural architecture by adding layers and by introducing paneling to the walls and potentially ceilings too. Traditional panelling can elevate a room to feel more expensive and characterful whilst contemporary slim batten paneling can provide a calming, relaxing spa like feel especially if it wraps up and over the ceiling.
  3. Try colour blocking, you might wonder what that is but it’s very simple and incredibly effective; it is essentially using complimenting paints or wallpapers to highlight an area of a room. It’s simplest form would be to keep the walls white or a very neutral colour and then introduce a brighter or significantly darker paint colour half way up the wall thus creating an horizon line.
  4. Add TEXTURE! This hack is particularly important as it gives any room a more inviting and warm feeling. Contrasting materials will introduce a visual interest to a space which otherwise may appear quite flat, cold and boring. It can be created by using soft textiles such as boucle, a rattan pendant perhaps or even textured wall coverings. Think about using metals, wood and different glass; It is important, however, to have multiple textures in one space, with texture MORE is MORE.
  5. Have appreciation and love for the space you are designing, what is the space offering to you as a designer? Has it gifted you with symmetrical proportions, wonky walls, original floors or beams? Or is it a simple modern space asking for character to be added, always take a step back and appreciate what the space is giving you and calling out for.

Since the show ended, Jack has been busy hand painting an amazing wallpaper range with Rebel Walls and is currently working on several commercial and residential projects. With his love for history and architecture, his designs are sure to continue to amaze and inspire.

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