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Asterion Suites

From Fishbowls to Five-Star: Discovering Authentic Crete at Asterion Suites & Spa

Forget the neon lights and questionable decisions of your past Crete adventures. Laura Bartlett, Editor-in-Chief of House of Coco, discovers a luxurious and grown-up escape at Asterion Suites & Spa. Dive deeper than the poolside and explore Crete’s hidden gems with exclusive excursions, from cooking classes to ancient olive groves. This is adulting done right, with a healthy dose of adventure and a taste of the real Crete.

Our Editor in Chief, knows a thing or two about unforgettable getaways. But her recent trip to Crete wasn’t your typical, neon-lit island escape. This time, Laura traded fishbowls for five-star luxury at Asterion Suites & Spa, an adults-only haven designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life. 

Buckle up, because Laura’s about to spill the tea (or should we say, the Cretan wine?) on why Asterion Suites & Spa is the perfect escape for grown-up globetrotters.

Remember back in the day when we all used to go to Malia on the Greek island of Crete when we were like, 19? All those fishbowls and questionable decisions? Yeah, this trip was the exact opposite. Enter: Asterion Suites & Spa.

Two words I need to hear before booking a vacay: Adults Only. And this place? Delivered. Like, in spades. Sparkling pool? Check. Gorgeous beach? Check. Zero chance of running into a group of lads on a lads’ holiday?  Double check.

Speaking of running, (because, adulting involves some form of exercise, apparently), I attempted a morning run outside the hotel. Let’s just say, the scenery wasn’t exactly #InstaGoals. So yeah, maybe stick to the treadmill or the beach for your workouts, ladies.

But back to the good stuff! Asterion Suites & Spa is basically a palace for grown-ups who appreciate the finer things.We’re talking chic rooms with balconies overlooking the Aegean (hello, sunset selfies!), a spa that had me feeling like a new woman (and by woman, I mean pampered goddess) and food that was fresh, delicious and didn’t involve questionable kebabs at 2 am.

Plus, there were these amazing excursions! We’re talking winery tours, cooking classes and even a visit to the freaking oldest olive tree in the world. Basically, it was all about experiencing the real Crete, not just the touristy stuff.

Asterion Suites and Spa provides the perfect base for exploring, here’s a little deeper look in to the things on offer. 

Become One with the Land: Culinary Adventures Await

Indulge your senses on a journey through Cretan flavours. The “Frosini’s Garden” experience lets you pick fresh ingredients from a charming family farm, followed by a hands-on cooking class using traditional methods. Imagine preparing a feast in a colonial-style setting, surrounded by the aroma of simmering dishes and bathed in the warm Cretan sun. Cap off the day with a visit to a local winery and a taste of the island’s acclaimed raki, a potent local spirit.

Wine & History: A Match Made in Crete

For the oenophile in you, a tour of the Karavitakis Family Winery promises an unforgettable experience. This award-winning establishment boasts over 80 years of expertise, crafting exceptional wines from both local and international grape varietals. Nestled amidst rolling vineyards and serene olive groves, the winery offers a variety of tasting experiences paired with delicious “mezedes,” small savoury dishes. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a curious beginner, this tour is sure to tantalise your taste buds and educate your palate.

Cooking with the Seasons: A Hands-on Experience

Travel to the heart of Crete’s culinary heritage with a cooking experience in the White Mountains. Here, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, you’ll learn traditional recipes passed down through generations. Imagine gathering fresh vegetables from the garden, feeling the texture of aromatic herbs and learning the secrets of Cretan olive oil – a cornerstone of the island’s healthy cuisine. Prepare a classic Cretan dish under the guidance of local experts and savour the fruits (or should we say vegetables?) of your labor.

A Walk Through Time: Exploring the Botanical Park

Escape the hustle and bustle with a visit to the enchanting Botanical Park. Sprawling across nearly 20 hectares, this haven boasts a diverse range of flora – from fruit trees from across the globe to medicinal and ornamental plants. Immerse yourself in a vibrant tapestry of colours and aromas and even marvel at a centuries-old olive tree, a testament to the island’s enduring history. This park is perfect for nature lovers and anyone seeking a peaceful retreat.

Unearthing the Past: A Visit to the Olive Tree Museum

Witness a living piece of history with a visit to the Olive Tree Museum. Here, you’ll encounter the Vouves Olive Tree, estimated to be between 3,000 and 5,000 years old! This ancient wonder is a natural monument and a testament to the island’s long-standing relationship with olive cultivation. Learn about the fascinating story of this resilient tree and gain a deeper appreciation for Crete’s rich agricultural heritage.

Wandering Through History: A Guided Tour of Chania’s Old Town

Step back in time with a guided tour of Chania’s Old Town. Explore the labyrinthine streets and admire the well-preserved Venetian architecture that graces every corner. Imagine the bustling markets and vibrant social life that once thrived within these ancient walls. Marvel at the transformation of historic mansions into charming taverns, shops, and restaurants, offering a glimpse into modern Cretan life. Don’t miss the imposing Firkas Fortress, a symbol of the city’s rich past.

Beyond the Museum Walls: The Archaeological Museum of Chania

For a deeper dive into Cretan history, visit the impressive Archaeological Museum of Chania. This modern structure houses a captivating collection of artefacts, showcasing the island’s remarkable journey from its earliest inhabitants to the powerful Minoan civilisation. Explore exhibits that bring to life social customs, religious practices and the daily lives of Cretans throughout the ages.

These are just a taste of the incredible experiences that await you at Asterion Suites & Spa. So ditch the guidebook and embrace the spirit of discovery. Asterion Suites & Spa is your gateway to a truly unforgettable Cretan adventure.


Throwout the neon wristbands and questionable cocktails (because trust me, your liver will thank you later). Asterion Suites & Spa is where it’s at for grown-up getaways that are equal parts luxurious and unforgettable. 

Think poolside lounging that wouldn’t look out of place on your #blessed feed, food so good it’ll make you forget those questionable 2 am kebabs, and excursions that are way more “ancient olive tree” and way less “interpretative dance contest with strangers.” 

Pack your swimsuit, your sense of adventure and maybe a cheeky smile for the poolside staff (they’re cute, don’t worry, we checked). 

Asterion Suites & Spa: Adulting done right, without sacrificing the fun.