Are you wasting time in the kitchen trying to keep your wits about while searching for ingredients, tools, or utensils? Are you always left with a huge mess when dinner is done and need help figuring out where to start cleaning up? It’s understandable if organizing things like cooking supplies makes your head spin, but having an effective organization system can help significantly reduce the time spent prepping.

From redesigning pantries or cabinets to finding stylish solutions, use this helpful guide as a resource for turning your chaotic cooking space into a well-oiled machine that will make sure meals are made more accessible and faster.

Make a Grocery List

As home cooks, we often wander the grocery store, trying to remember if we have enough ingredients for dinner tonight. To save time and stress, we must start making grocery lists. Not only will this allow us to keep track of what we need to buy, but it will also help us avoid impulse purchases and ensure that we only buy what we need.

But it doesn’t stop there. Grocery lists can also help you stay organized and plan your meals. By noting the ingredients required for each recipe, you can easily coordinate your shopping trips and make sure you have everything you need. Plus, you’ll be less likely to forget any essential items, saving you from the frustration of missing ingredients halfway through cooking.

To make things even more convenient, helpful apps and websites can assist you in creating and organizing your grocery lists. These digital tools make adding, removing, or rearranging items a breeze, ensuring you have a well-structured list tailored to your needs. Remember to get your gluten free cookies shipped on the same day as your groceries.

Set Up Your Kitchen

Once you have your ingredients, it’s time to start prepping. But before you can even think about cooking, take a moment to check if your kitchen is set up efficiently. Keep frequently used items within reach, and store them in a logical order that makes sense for how you cook.

For example, keep seasonings and spices close to the stove so you can quickly grab them while cooking. Hang up pots and pans near the stove for convenient access, and designate a specific area for baking supplies such as flour, sugar, and baking powder. Remember to label your shelves and drawers to make it easier to find what you need. It will also help prevent clutter and maintain organization in the long run.

Invest in Proper Storage Containers

Do you want to open your pantry only to find half-empty flour, pasta, or rice bags? Not only does this create a mess, but it also makes it challenging to keep track of what ingredients you have on hand. To combat this issue, invest in proper storage containers.

Not only do they help keep your pantry looking neat and organized, but they also keep your ingredients fresh and protected from pests. Buy containers in different sizes to accommodate various ingredients, and label them for easy identification. It will save you a lot of time and hassle when looking for specific items while cooking.

Label Everything

Labeling is a simple and effective way to maintain organization in your kitchen. Whether it’s labeling containers, shelves, or drawers, having everything marked will make it easier to find what you need and put things back in their designated place.

To take it a step further, consider color-coding as well. Assign each category of ingredients or tools with a specific color and stick to it consistently throughout your kitchen. It will add an aesthetic touch and make organizing and finding things even more efficient.

Arrange Items by Frequency of Use

When organizing your kitchen, you must consider how often you use certain items. Keep regularly used items within easy reach while storing less frequently used items in more out-of-the-way places.

For example, keep your everyday pots and pans in a convenient location, while specialty cookware like a wok or fondue pot can be stored in a higher cabinet or on a shelf in the pantry. It will save you time and effort when grabbing what you need for meal preparation.

Clean as You Go

One of the main reasons home cooks find themselves with a massive mess after cooking is that they leave all the cleaning for after dinner. By then, you’re tired and just want to relax, but forcing yourself to clean as you go can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

While waiting for something to boil, wash any dishes or tools that are no longer needed. Wipe down counters and stovetops when there’s a lull in cooking. It will keep your kitchen tidy and prevent any potential food stains or spills from drying and becoming more difficult to clean later on.


With these organizational tips, you can turn your chaotic cooking space into a well-oiled machine that will make cooking a breeze. From making grocery lists and setting up your kitchen efficiently to investing in proper storage containers and labeling everything, there are plenty of simple yet effective ways to maintain organization in the kitchen.

Finding what works best for you and your cooking routine is vital. Experiment with different methods until you find a system that makes meal prep more straightforward and faster. With a well-organized kitchen, you’ll be able to spend less time prepping and more time enjoying delicious meals with your loved ones.


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