PARAMIDONNA is a contemporary beachwear label, born in 2015 and created by Donika Ancheva. The focus of the brand is on sophisticated ladies who love travelling. Passions to Fashion with Paramidonna, PARAMIDONNA captures the essence of the woman`s wild nature and then transforms it into unique, sexy, and elegant swimwear and beachwear designs. Each one of the collections takes you on a journey with its emblematic theme, signature prints, handmade details, and trend colors.

Here, we chat to Donika to find out more…

Tell us why you launched your brand…

I launched the brand because my big dream is living by the sea shore, it is what inspires me. So I guess creating bathing suits is getting me closer to this dream of mine. I also love fashion and have always imagined that the swimsuit should be a special something for every woman, just like luxury lingerie or special jewellery.

Where did the name come from?

It is a combination of Spanish and Italian words. To be exact it means: for my woman.

The truth is, my grandmother is called DONNA and I inherited the passion for sewing from her. She used to create gorgeous dresses for my special occasions but never wanted to make me a swimsuit, I don’t know why. Well, I decided to do it myself when I grew up!

What has been your best seller?

Our latest bestseller is called JUST DOMINO. It is a two-piece swimsuit in black and white colour featuring a high-waisted bikini – a very classic piece.

The one-piece swimsuits are also a trend amongst customers – in each pattern and colour.

Your items bring out our people’s wild side, make them feel sexy and still remain elegant at the same time.

When you work on new designs, what kind of client do you have in mind?

When creating the pieces I have in mind exactly this – combining elegance and sensuality.

In the first place, I think about the comfort of the woman wearing my designs. The garment has to fit perfectly, it has to emphasise the beautiful woman’s curves and hide the imperfections as much as possible. We all know that nobody is flawless despite all of the beautiful photos we see daily on Instagram. I want my customers to feel incredible and divine by wearing the pieces, and not having to worry about their insecurities.

Secondly, I think about how to improve the designs, every new piece has to be unique, and better than the previous one and I always think of it as the next bestseller!

What can we expect to see from you in 2020?

The brand was proud to present Main Collection 2020 in Paris at the Mode City exhibition in July 2019. The collection is called “The New Venus”. Being inspired by Italian art, mainly Botticelli, this collection promises to be even more feminine and different from what we have so far.

You will be intrigued to find pearls, feathers, nude and metallic colours. We have also prepared new fabrics and interesting cuts. As usual, PARAMIDONNA will offer delicacy and tenderness on the beach.

For any other women aspiring to launch their fashion line, what advice would you give?

It requires a lot of hard work and ambition. The market is competitive, but it does not mean you should give up. You have to believe in yourself and be determined to succeed. They should not be scared to express themselves through fashion.

Since launching your company, have you had any regrets?

Never! It makes me happy, fulfilled, energised and is the one thing that makes me feel like myself!

You have a small selection of men’s swimwear, is this something you plan on expanding?

I get this question a lot. For now, this is not something I am planning to do. Our main goal is to be a leader in the market for women’s swimwear and discover new possibilities to grow.

Your ideal customer loves to travel, where is your favourite travel destination?

I adore travelling, it is safe to say this is like a drug to me, an addiction. My favourite destinations are – the Maldives, Thailand, Asia, Caribbean Islands. As you can see for these places you need nothing more than a swimsuit, sunglasses and sun cream!

At the beginning of 2015, she started working on the project with her team and within 6 months the first collection was already a fact!

Being 4 years on the market, PARAMIDONNA is now well-known for stylish, elegant and sexy swimsuits. The brand was featured in VOGUE RU, British VOGUE, L’officiel, Grazia, Joy and others.

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