Fun first date ideas to start off on the right foot

First dates can be daunting beforehand, but by picking a good date idea, you can make it a fun experience. [...]

First dates can be daunting beforehand, but by picking a good date idea, you can make it a fun experience. And by getting things started on the right foot, there’s more chance of future dates following. Below, we explore some fun first date ideas for you to try.

Bike ride

A relaxed bike ride can work well for a date. This is best in summer and it’s especially romantic if you pick a pretty route. Just make sure you bring snacks and drinks to keep you going and ensure you take time to enjoy the views on your way.


Picnics also work well as dates. Again, you should try and pick a scenic location either at lunch or have dinner to enjoy the sunset if the weather’s good. As for the food, there are plenty of picnic staples such as sandwiches, fruits and crisps, but if you’re feeling more ambitious you can try cooking some of these vegetarian favourites in advance! 

Go to a bowling alley

A bowling alley can be a lot of fun too. All you need to do is take your date to the local alley and enjoy some drinks while you play. There are plenty of alleys out there with more than just games too: many will have live DJs, karaoke, club nights and other activities to enjoy too. 

Getaway weekend

A getaway weekend can make for a romantic date as well. You can either pick a city or a traditional coastal town to get to know each other and relax. London, in particular, is excellent if you’re looking for landmarks, sightseeing and cool bars and restaurants. All you need to do is check train times to London, book your accommodation and you’ll be on your way.

Cook together

Cooking together is another date idea that can work well. Just pick a recipe in advance to work on, buy some drinks and pick an evening! Ideally, this will be a dish that isn’t too complicated but will still taste special. 

Beer or wine tasting

Another exciting date idea is beer or wine tasting. This is where you go to a brewery or vineyard and sample their homegrown drinks. You’ll be able to try out all of their products in a beautiful setting while getting to know your date much better.

Some first dates can be awkward at first, but by picking a good idea for your first date, you can ease the tension and have fun. Just go for any of the options above, and you should be all set to enjoy an exciting first date.

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