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Fun Kitchen Details: How to Add Personality to Your Kitchen

Fun Kitchen Details: How to Add Personality to Your Kitchen

Do you sometimes get bored with your dull kitchen? If your answer is "Yes," don't worry - many people are not exactly satisfied with their cooking space's general

December 17th, 2020

Do you sometimes get bored with your dull kitchen?

If your answer is “Yes,” don’t worry – many people are not exactly satisfied with their cooking space’s general outlook. And not without reason; when it comes to interior design, kitchens typically don’t get enough love and attention.

And unfortunately, too, since this particular room isn’t used only for cooking. On the contrary, it also witnesses the family time filled with laughter, all the midnight snacking, dancing to the radio with a cup of coffee around the kitchen island, and drinking wine with friends or family members. Thus, a kitchen should be a comforting space that suits the character and style of house owners.

If you feel like your kitchen lacks creativity and the unique feeling of you, we’ve got great news. You can personalize your kitchen without knocking down the walls. What you need to do is simply add a few fun details. Don’t worry; we will guide you through the process.


One of the best ways to let your kitchen shine is to set the right kitchen light fixture. Say goodbye to your boring overhead lightning piece; instead, use unique design lights. Let’s shed some light on the topic (see what we did there?).

First of all, typically, the more light, the better. So, besides your over-the-table traditional lamp, don’t be afraid to add some low pendant lights – they don’t have to be very practical, but just create a good impression. One of the newest kitchen trends include installing a few lights in non-obvious places, such as wall lights, that would give the kitchen a modern and spacious look. Check this offer if you’re looking for the kitchen under cabinet lights to amplify the effect further.

When it comes to over the table lightning, think big. Over-scaled lamps might be a great statement piece that will immediately catch the eye and make your room more vivid. To find the lamp design that speaks to you on a deeper level, you might search in local lightning stores, as well as visit antique fairs. You can find some real vintage treasures there! [In addition, to properly install the lights, you may need help from a local electrician because the installation process requires knowledge of local electrical codes and the ability to work safely with electricity. An experienced electrician is the most reliable and safest way to ensure the lights will be installed correctly and avoid overloading the system.

Mix the Styles

If you would like to add a one-of-a-kind design to your kitchen, don’t be afraid to experiment with styles. If you’re up to a small renovation, think about changing the sink to the one that could stand out stylistically. If you’re unsure what original piece of furniture to buy farm sinks and copper sinks are now the hottest options. The mix of modern and traditional will ensure that your simple kitchen area feels finally unique. Teaming up contemporary kitchen cabinets with vintage pieces is not obvious and thus looks very innovative!

You can also consider the combination of wooden floor with white matt cabinets or exchange your old hardware to a vintage one. The most important is to choose the detail to be in the style that you’ve always liked. Trust us – it will be an excellent focal point of your renewed kitchen.

Fridge Stickers

There are many other ways to add personality to your kitchen that won’t make you go bankrupt, too. One of the best ways to make a statement and get creative with your kitchen design is to install a custom vinyl fridge sticker on your refrigerator. It’s a great way to decorate this typically dull area of your cooking space and a perfect method to transform your white cabinets’ outlook.

The best part about vinyl stickers is that you get to choose the design that matches your personality. Whether you choose the Eiffel tower or an old wooden pattern, your fridge is bound to have a unique style and give the impression of a work of art that is always on display.


What a dull white kitchen desperately needs is more color. Experimenting with color combinations in the kitchen is a great way to add a sparkle to your kitchen design.

The other way to add character to your kitchen is by installing a backsplash. Nothing will catch the eye and express your personality more than a bold backsplash paired with neutral-colored cabinets. You can also think about creating an accent wall with one eye-catching pattern or wallpaper on one side.

If you’re feeling creative, consider chalkboard paint, which will let you create your very own pieces of art in real-time. It will make your kitchen look cool as never before. And don’t worry about lack of space for kitchen cabinets too much – these days, open shelving is very trendy.


To add some style to your space, you should choose the accessories to make your kitchen look more like your personal space. That means your kitchen should have the same style that you have. So hang some art pieces that you’ve always admired; buy a new boho vase for fresh flowers. Clutter the room a bit with souvenirs that you purchased while traveling. If you want your space to be a bit cozy, you can also invest in a big rug with a bold pattern. Everything may be a statement if you’re brave enough!


We all need some changes in life from time to time. Typically, a small home renovation is an excellent start to transform your surroundings and, consequently, feel better. A new space will allow you to have a fresh outlook on your daily routine and help you feel more satisfied with your time spent at home.

Although kitchens are often overlooked when designing unique home spaces, it’s actually a perfect room to experiment with styles and colors. Whatever option of kitchen design you will choose, remember that a kitchen should, besides being fully functional and useful, say something about your personality. Thus, ensure it goes with your personal style – even if it’s not according to the newest trends. In the end, your kitchen is the heart of the home – so it should feel like it’s beating at your own rate.

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