Summer is coming, and while good weather isn’t always guaranteed, great style can be if you choose the right summer outfits.

When you’re planning your summer looks, it’s easy to overlook accessories, especially if you’re planning to jump on board the capsule wardrobe trend.

Still, accessories are only small and can be a great way to spice up even the simplest of summer clothes.

If you’re struggling for ideas, then here are some suggestions for funky and bold summer accessories to explore.

A Bold Watch

Watches are a useful accessory that both look good and help to ensure that you’re always on time. If you want to enhance your summer looks, then consider a bold watch with a patterned face or strap. You can either buy a new watch, or, if you have an old favourite you want to wear, check out replacement watch straps from Watch Strap Style. They have a range of colours, patterns and materials to choose from, with watch straps to suit almost every brand, style and shape of watch. So, whatever you need, you can find a stunning selection of watch straps from this site and then keep a selection to match all your favourite summer styles.

A Sarong

Swimwear is a must in the summer, but you might not always feel comfortable wearing it out of the water. Instead of getting fully re-dressed, you could consider grabbing a sarong. These cute garments are a combination of a skirt/ dress and a scarf, so you can wear them as you see fit. They’re usually fairly sheer, but you can get ones with bold print that hides a lot of your body, so sarongs are great for covering yourself up and staying cool at the same time. Sarongs come in a range of colours, patterns, sizes and styles; you can have ones with tassels, gems, sequins or glitter, or go for one that’s a block of colour. That means there’s a sarong to suit everyone, and when you’re not using it to cover your swimwear and dry off, you can use it as a fashionable scarf or wrap. Sarongs are super versatile, so it’s worth having at least one handy throughout the summer months.

A Cute Hat

Summer is a great time to embrace hats, particularly ones with a big brim that can be used to block out the sun’s rays from your eyes and stop your delicate facial skin from burning. There are many different types of summer hat, so you can find the best sun hat to suit every look. A hat is also a great way to cover up a bad hair day or a breakout, meaning they’re perfect for when your skin or hair just won’t behave!

Summer is a great time to show off your personal style and embrace bold colours and patterns. These ideas should help you to get inspiration and find some cute accessories to update your summer wardrobe in time for the warmer weather.


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