Do you know that the video game industry is now bigger than the music and movie industry combined? Playing games is no longer associated with young males, as it went mainstream, especially since the rise of smartphones. While the E3 in Los Angeles might be considered the most famous video games trade event, Gamescom in Cologne, Germany is not only larger, but also much more fun to explore.

Bigger is better

Well, in this case anyway. You will need a few hours to check everything that is going on Gamescom, even if you don’t want to sit and wait your turn to try some of the hottest games. Every developer is represented here, and there is so much to see. There are also exclusive shows and video game tournaments, but if that is not your thing, there is plenty of other stuff to do. Since Gamescom welcomes a vast number of foreign visitors, everything is in English, so even without knowing a word of German, you will do just fine. If you do decide to try some games that rival the best Adult Porn Games, you will need to be patient. Sometimes it takes more than an hour for a chance to play a short demo, but you should try it at least once. The good idea is to put a VR helmet and try yourself as a racer in full cockpit, or maybe a fighter jet pilot. Even for non-gamers, this is too exciting to miss!

Hidden gems and their opposite

If you want a more relaxed atmosphere, there is a place at Gamescom where you can do that! Hidden in plain sight, there is a hall where you can play hundreds of old games for consoles and computers that launched in the early 80s or later. We saw dads playing the old favorites with their kids, and we were beaten by a 10-year-old girl in the legendary Daytona USA. There are no big lines here, and it’s easy to grab food and to take a break. The exact opposite is the shopping hall where you can buy anything video game-related – except video games! There are t-shirts, stuffed toys, posters, bags and everything you could wish for. The only thing missing is the XXX Games, but that is understandable. There is usually a sale happening where you can buy clothing items for only a few bucks.

More than a trade fair

Thankfully, Cologne has other things to offer beyond Gamescom, so do find the time to check the city center or some of its historic buildings such is enormous Cologne Cathedral – the entrance is free. Don’t miss a chance to taste local delicious food or beer and feel how it is to live in this city. Since Gamescom is held in the second half of August, the weather is ideal, with lots of sunshine and a pleasant temperature. Our five days in Cologne flew away quicker than we could imagine!


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