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Garage Door Problems and Maintenance

The garage door is an important addition to the home or commercial property. Garage doors contribute to the aesthetic appearance and value of the property.

The garage door is an important addition to the home or commercial property. Garage doors contribute to the aesthetic appearance and value of the property. However, like all other installations, the garage door may over time break down resulting in the need for Metro Garage Door Repair.

A great way to however reduce the need for garage door repair service is by carrying out periodic and comprehensive maintenance on the garage door, making sure that moving parts are well oiled, faulty parts are replaced or fixed and more.

For most property owners, there are several common problems their garage doors might come down with when not properly maintained, below are some of those problems.

# – Self-Operation

While the garage door is expected to respond to your open or close command on-demand, in certain cases, the garage door may develop a mind of its own as it begins to self-operate. This means that the garage door begins to open and close all by itself and at will with or without pressing the remote control buttons.

In cases like this, there are several diagnoses that could be made. The batteries may short out and this leads to it sending out continuous signals to the garage door opener hence the malfunction.  If the malfunction stops after you have removed the batteries from the remote, then you should replace the remote. If, however, removing the battery does not solve the problem, you may have a bigger problem on your hands requiring you to reach out to a repair expert to handle this malfunction.

# – The Garage Door Is Tilted Up On The Side

In some cases, you may find that the garage door is tilted up on one side when you open it. Such malfunction as this may be caused by a frayed or broken torsion spring or cable. In such cases as this, there is little you can do than to call on a garage door repair service expert to look into the problem. It is recommended that you take swift action after noticing this problem as a frayed torsion spring or cable can snap at any time and cause an accident should you attempt a DIY repair.

# – Remote Control Fails To Open Or Close The Garage Door

When your remote control fails to open or close the garage door, there are several parts of the garage door system that can be suspected, from the remote to the door sensor. To be sure you are on the right path, it is recommended that you;

  • Change the batteries in the remote as the current batteries could be dead
  • Reset the remote as you may have unintentionally changed the functions of the remote
  • Car antennae may be out of range

You can operate the garage door from the wall unit to further confirm the problem. If the wall unit successfully opens and closes the garage door, then you may either one of the problems listed above.

# – The Garage Door Closes Abruptly Or Falls Too Quickly

A normal and fully functional garage door is expected to slowly close at a certain speed. However, if you notice that your garage door shuts off uncontrolled by falling, then, you may have a problem with the springs or cables. This problem is mostly related to broken cables, snapped or loose springs. Call on a professional to have a look into the problem.

# – Unusual Noises When Opening Or Shutting The Door

If you hear unusual noises when opening or closing the garage door, it is an indication that the moving parts are not sufficiently lubricated. It is recommended that you add lubrication or consult with your garage door repair expert for maintenance checks.

Your Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

With the garage door contributing to the value, appearance, appeal, and security of your property, there is a need to keep it properly maintained. Below are some of the things you need to put in mind when carrying out maintenance on your garage doors.

# – Inspection Is Key

By inspecting your garage door, chances are that you will see and note some of the common problems which have been listed above even in their earliest stages. A visual inspection of the moving parts, springs, cables, pulleys, rollers, and brackets can help you ascertain wear and tear and also help you make an informed decision as to parts which need a replacement for the proper functioning of the garage door.

# – Regular Lubrication

As part of the maintenance practices recommended, speak to your garage door repair expert to learn the appropriate lubricants to use for the moving parts, the frequency of use and appropriate application method.

# – Door Balancing

When your garage door is out of balance, then you have a problem on your hands. Carefully inspect the garage door to be sure that it is not off balance. Once you notice that your door is out of adjustment, reach out to a garage door repair service expert to look into the problem and learn more about garage door services in this page.

# – Testing The Force Setting

Your garage door is expected to close at a considerable speed. If you notice the garage door falling or shutting down at a rather fast speed compared to the normal speed, you may want to test the force settings to be sure you have diagnosed the problem correctly.