Meet Loveness Lee. A jewellery designer that combines art, science, and nature to create wonderfully unique hand-crafted statement pieces that are truly out of this world. Here at House of Coco, we’re all about that laptop lifestyle, and this is exactly what Loveness Lee built her eponymous brand on. Working with creatives and buyers from all over the world, Loveness Lee has built her business on different languages and timezones making her a GirlBoss that is not only forward thinking and global minded, but is also winning at the jewellery game with her latest eclectic trans-natural collection. Young, dynamic, and absolutely inspirational, Loveness Lee is a GirlBoss that is definitely Team Coco approved.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background, what made you fall in love with jewellery design?

From an early age, I developed a keen interest for the natural sciences, in particular chemistry. Also, my mother is an architect, and this fostered in me a passion for art and design. For me it made sense to be a jewellery designer, because I can enjoy the best of both disciplines! I am able to research and experiment with different materials like a scientist does, and also craft beautiful objects like an artist.

Tell us about Loveness Lee – what is your aesthetic all about?

Serendipity plays a key role in my design process: I am drawn to natural shapes, colours, and textures; which are impossible to pre-determine yet remain consistently familiar. I see the ‘trans-natural’ concept at the heart of my jewellery as a collaboration between nature, science, and art — three distinct methods working in unison. My fascination with organic materials compels me to investigate the interplay between different substances in my jewellery, to understand their properties and potentials without imposing limits upon them through my designs.

Before starting your eponymous brand, you trained as a jeweller and silversmith for seven years. How have these foundations helped you with your approach to Loveness Lee?

I want to create jewellery that is art. Years of studying and training not only helped me to perfect my skills of hand-making, but also helped me discover my design style and concept. Jewellery is a channel. A way of elevating the quotidian by creating beautiful physical objects. The world through my eyes is formed of stunning shapes, amazing textures and vibrant colours. In a way, my jewellery is a small interpretation of the world as I see it. For me, this is the point of art. My life and experiences are a constant source of inspiration and intrigue. Transforming my imagination into something tangible brings me so much joy. I want to translate my passion for living into jewellery, to communicate it for the whole world to see.

Since launching Loveness Lee in 2016 – what has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a businesswoman so far?

The biggest challenge is managing the communications between the team members — essentially HR. Since I started my brand, I have been very fortunate to have international employees and work with photographers, models, makeup artists and graphic designers etc from all over the world. The advantage of having such international team members is not only easier communications with international buyers in France, Morocco, and Korea, but also to bring unique ideas from different cultures. The disadvantage is the language barrier and cultural differences.The time differences between everyone can be challenging. Everyone is artist and passionate about their creations, so sometimes communication is really the key.

Talk us through your latest collection, the inspiration behind it, and if you have a favourite piece?

Trans-natural is an eclectic collection which, as its name suggests, goes above and beyond nature, in its pursuit of daring, statement jewellery. The pieces in the collection are inspired by the unpredictable, organic processes that order the world around us. Specifically investigating the role that decay and rebirth play in the circle of life. Science, art, and nature combine once more in the pieces: coiled, undulated shapes are partially gold-plated to represent the unhurried, gradual movement of being and time. Uncompromising but contemplative designs transform the fragility of nature and the limits of traditional jewellery, into strong statement pieces. They are the ultimate accessory for modern women who possess a thoughtful and bold outlook on fashion. I have always included statement hoop earrings in every collection of mine — as they are my favourite.

What advice do you have for women who would like to become a GirlBoss like yourself?

The beginning of being a girl boss is hard, but don’t let this stop what you love to do. Once you get used to it, it will get easier. I feel very privileged doing what I love every day.

Loveness Lee

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