You may have seen a few Instagram or YouTube videos from beauty bloggers out there as they talk about facial rolling. What is it and is the hype real? If you’re not into facial rolling yet, here are some reasons why you should try it out for yourself. Actually, there are so many benefits of face rollers, but you need to know how to use it.

Helps Stimulate Blood Flow

Face rolling is the act of using a facial rolling device, often made from rose quartz, amethyst, jade, or other crystal. This is used to help to massage the face to stimulate the lymphatic system. What does it mean? The act of rolling on your face helps with your blood flow so your skin may get all the nutrients that it needs so that it stays and looks good. While helping with the circulation, it helps get rid of the toxins which leave clearer, fairer, and younger-looking skin.

Think of it this way: as you roll the crystal onto your face, the act of it alone helps drain fluid from your face while your tissues get a deep massage. If your back gets a massage every once in a while, your face definitely deserves it too.

Helps Skin Care Products Work More Effectively

It is ideal what when you use a face roller, you partner it out during your application of skincare products. Often, you use a moisturizer, a serum, or whatever skin care routine you have and use the face roller so your skin can better absorb the products you’ve just applied. Make sure that you do it in an upward motion to prevent the sagging of your skin.

Many people have seen great results from rolling itself – and why not boost up the benefits by partnering it with amazing skincare products? This is also a great way to apply products onto your face without having to use your fingers or hands to do so.

Contours Face And Tighten The Skin

There was a study in 2017 showing that a skin that receives massage for at least a minute two times a day is shown to have increased levels of protein in as fast as 10 days. The same type of studies have been conducted and has repeatedly shown even visible wrinkles could be gone with consistent massaging of the skin. And while technically a face roller does massage and stimulate the skin, it has been shown to have significant effects in keeping skin tight, contoured and

Enhances Mood

As you perform facial rolling, your facial nerves are stimulated, which actives your sympathetic nervous system showing signs of an increased mood boost. While it is true that the sympathetic nervous system is responsible for keeping you alert, it has also been believed that it can help someone feel refreshed at the same time.

While there are more studies that are yet to be conducted, using a face roller can be soothing and can improve blood circulation in the facial area. This might be your new best skincare product you’ll ever need.


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