Get Your Nails Summer Ready!

With summer in full speed, not only does our fashion get a colourful makeover, our nails do too. With so many designs to compliment your wardrobe and mood, why not try one of these ideas as a new fashion accessory?

Here is the House of Coco beauty team’s pick of the best online…



Pastel orange is a big player this summer, and with a leopard print ring finger, a girl cannot go wrong. This is created by painting a gradual golden hue towards the end of the tip, and dotting on the primary colour for your leopard print. Then, use a black polish to outline your print, creating dashes in between to make it look more realistic. Leopard prints are quite easy to emulate, and they produce an eye-catching design.



One of our favourite combinations for the summer are quick and super effective polka dots. They can be painted on with a nail art tool, a bobby pin or a toothpick. The pink and black combination gives this design a fresh and young appeal. It is accompanied with blue turquoise flowers and leaves, accenting off a more feminine feel to the overall theme.

These can be created with nail art brushes or a standard art brush if you have them at home. Use white polish to create the swirls, and remember, if you don’t have a lighter colour blue, simply mix two polishes together to create the ideal tone.



Who doesn’t love gems and anything shiny? This look is significantly driven by the glistening rhinestones you can find on many online stores, as well as in nail focused salon shops. They compliment any design and give your nails that sparkle every girl wants.

You can apply the rhinestones on wet polish after finishing your nail art design, or after painting on your top coat. This way, the gems will adhere to your nail plate. After you are happy with the arrangement of your blinged out design, seal it with a top coat and apply every other day.



Floral patterns take over the summer season once again. This time, the design focuses on using one navy primary colour as the base coat for all the designs. It creates unity across all nails, whilst playing around with two tone flowers on four fingers. The ring finger has a white backdrop, with a painted heart in the middle, which at glance appears to be difficult to create. But remember, after designing a full nail, you are simply scaling it down in the shape of a heart.

The effect is created by gently dotting on lighter and darker tones to make the flowers have depth. So although this design may look complicated at first, you have room to make mistakes and no flower has to be exactly the same nor symmetrical.



A refreshing take on fruits and stripes. The candy colours make this creation perfect for the summer. The design uses water decal, which are basically nail stickers you place on top of your nail, and seal it in with a top coat.

The vivacious take on citrus fruits is colourful and fun for any occasion like attending barbecues or beaches. The white base coat creates a fresh feel and is striking alone, but combined with water decals that give a textured look, it takes nail art to whole other level.

For more nail art designs visit Pauline’s Passion for more inspirational ideas.


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