Getting fit and healthy in 2017: It’s all in your mind

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In this busy day and age there hardly seems to be time to grab a coffee, let alone peace of mind. Here at House of Coco we’re all about trying new ways to instil a healthy mind and body, from the new surge in Mindfulness to old fashioned exercise. It’s more than a month into the new year, so maybe your resolutions to take time out for your mental and physical health are starting to wane. Here’s a list of helpful suggestions to keep you on track and achieve that healthier, happier you in 2017.

The Obvious
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Exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins make you feel good. Regular exercise is therefore a great way to keep you in both great physical and mental health. Whether it’s finding time to go for a 20 minute run two to three times a week (the days are starting to stay lighter for longer so there’s no excuse) or going for a weekly tennis game, making time and space to focus on your physical body and it’s wellbeing is key to maintaining good mental health.

It’s the fad that’s taken Pop Culture by storm, but there really is substance to this new style of living. Mindfulness is a way of accessing a more meditative way of thinking, living in the moment and paying attention to the little details in life that our demanding contemporary lifestyles mean we often rush past without noticing. Professor Mark Williams, former director of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, explains: “An important part of mindfulness is reconnecting with our bodies and the sensations they experience. This means waking up to the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the present moment. That might be something as simple as the feel of a banister as we walk upstairs.” Google Mindfulness in your local area and you’ll find an array of groups, forums and practice sessions that will help you destress, unwind and appreciate the moment.

A bit of fun
A fun way of helping you plot the path to positive mental health is visiting a medium or a psychic reader. What is your aura saying about you? What’s causing tension in your life? Getting a medium reading can help you get things in perspective and think about how to move forward in a positive way. Attempting to reach out to the spirit world is often cited as a reassuring experience that can help you confront and move on from the past.

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Meditation is a great technique to help you relax and manage the day-to-day anxieties and worries of life. Taking up meditation doesn’t have to be connected to a religious or Buddhist belief but can simply be used as a technique to still the mind and find peace within yourself. There are a vast array of meditative techniques, ranging from Transcendental Meditation to simply taking the time to tune into a 15 minute guided video on YouTube. Research the techniques to find what suits you best. This most ancient of techniques has proven physical results and positive outcomes, from the alleviation of anxiety to greater creative output.

In our busy lives finding time for ourselves, specifically for stilling our minds, is key to good mental health. From physical to mental exercise all these techniques are well worth a try to help make a happier you.


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