Getting That Summer Glow with Lemon Water

Summer is officially here & Team Coco is ready to slay. Summer is one of our favorite seasons because of the incredible weather, beautiful vacays, summer festivals and of course summertime fashion, but before we can pull out our favorite looks, we have to keep our glow intact. With all of the products and skin care treatments on the market, it’s really hard to choose just one specific thing.  We’ve tried out a few different products and have gotten some amazing results, but one in particular worked the best and was not only good for our skin, but is also super healthy, helps with digestion, weight loss and is packed with vitamin C. We’re talking about good old Lemon Water! So let’s break down some of the benefits of drinking lemon water.


1. Lemon water is great for detoxing  and helps the digestive system. The acids found in lemon juice support your body to process the good stuff in the foods we eat more slowly. Lemon water stimulates the liver and flushes out the bad toxins in our system.

2. Vitamin C levels will rise. Vitamin C stimulates white blood cell production which is vital for your immune system, especially if you’re someone that gets sick easily. By drinking lemon water on a daily basis you’ll be making sure your body gets that daily dose of Vitamin C.

3. Our favorite benefit from drinking lemon water are the glowing results that you can see with you skin. Everyone doesn’t have that immaculate blemish free skin and we’re saying that this will cure any acne problems you may have, but drinking lemon water on a regular basis will gradually start to fight damage caused by radicals, keeping your skin looking fresh and tight  the vitamin C in lemon water keeps the body producing collagen which helps smooth out lines in the face and produces less wrinkles.  Everyone wants healthy glowing skin, so why not treat your body right and get on board the lemon water train.

So House Of Coco readers throw some lemon water into your daily beverage routine and let that glow up begin.



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