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HOC: Who is a member of the NWO?

November 27th, 2018

HOC: Who is a member of the NWO? What characterises them?

Freddie: The New Working order is a segment of Gen Z who works with an exploratory, innovative style, using technology (like their phones!) to enhance their creativity and productivity. They express themselves with confidence and style, collaborate with others, engage meaningfully with the world around them, and are motivated by purpose and passion in everything they do. Many of them are also deciding not to work the traditional 9-5 but instead turn their passions into pounds and build custom careers that are bespoke to them. They have a strong self-starter mentality, with over half admitting that they already have a passion project on the side!

HOC: Is this really how we’ll ALL work in the future? What skills do we need to have?

Freddie: It’s definitely a possibility, particularly as technology plays an increasingly important role in all our lives and careers. To be successful in the future, today’s young people will require creative skills, vision, and the ability to be responsive and to act.. To get there though, we need to overcome the current lack of access to technology and funds which is restricting young people from achieving their goals. 62% of Gen Z say that limited access to technology and funds is acting as a barrier to them achieving their potential.

HOC: Tell us about this comp with Huawei, how / where can we enter?

Freddie: I’m really excited to be working with Huawei to give away one of three £10,000 bursaries to mark the launch of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro which will help young creative talent take their passion project to the next level. It could be for a new online course, to record a new podcast series, set up a supper club, sell something online, whatever their passion project may be. To be in with a chance of winning you all you need to do is submit a personal statement of 500 words to huaweinewworkingorder.co.uk by the 10th December.

HOC: You are no strangers to lifting other women up, what’s happening with SHE Unleashed?

Freddie: The SHE Unleashed workshops have taken a step back for a moment as I’ve been doing so much with Big Hair No Care, with pop-ups launching in both Paris and New York. The workshops will be back later next year but I’ve been working on something new and really exciting – my own podcast!

The podcast (launching before the end of the year) ties in nicely to the work I’ve been doing for SHE Unleashed. It will be all about being confident at times of vulnerability and I’ll discuss topics like self love, care, growth, finding confidence, chasing your dreams and creating the life you want. The workshops will be back in the near future but for now, I’m concentrating on bringing you my podcast that you can listen to at any time.

HOC: Let’s be honest, how the hell do you fit it all in?

Freddie: It can be difficult to fit everything in but I manage it well. I think the first part is accepting that everything will continue to move around you – your businesses, relationships and confidence in a new life being a mother.

The real key is a having a strong support system, which I definitely am lucky enough to have. My mother is amazing, as is my husband, Tom. They both look after my son, Hugo, when I’m working at the weekends and on weekdays so I don’t have to worry about him. My friends are also a big part of my support team and I’m never afraid or too proud to ask for their help.

I have a great support team in my working life too and they help me piece everything together – one day I’ll be on a photo shoot and the next, I’ll be coordinating my other projects sat at my desk.

This year has been particularly difficult to fit it all in, I sadly lost my Father and still being new to motherhood can be a challenge. If I’m down, I encourage myself to pull it together and keep going – I read a lot of spiritual books, meditate everyday and have acupuncture. I also make sure I have a couple of slow mornings every week to keep myself in balance.

HOC: And what’s happening with your brand?

Freddie: We’ve had amazing year – we had a three-day pop-up in Paris so it was nice to bring the brand to my home, where I usually hang with my friends. We also launched a pop-up in New York, which had an incredible reception, so much so that we are heading to the US in 2019! It’s incredible to see Big Hair No Care do so well and I feel so proud that I started out as blogger and grew my businesses through social media – the power of technology! I will always remember where I started out but now my long-term goal is to grow my business.

HOC: Do you believe in New Year’s Resolutions / Mantras – and if so, what are yours?

Freddie: I’m not so sure about New Year’s Resolutions as they are bound by the fact you need to change something about yourself. I feel it should be a theme based on your personal growth so I try to have intentions instead. This year it was my intention to find my voice and have the courage to start my own podcast. Next year, it is about being settled in to my projects and focus on creating from a place of confidence and validity.

The New Working Order competition runs from the 27th November and ends on the 10th December. For your chance to win a £10,000 creative bursary or Huawei Mate 20 Pro visit www.huaweinewworkingorder.co.uk by 10th December 2018.

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