#GirlBoss: Nikki Huebner

Since our initial launch the House Of Coco team has met some amazing women for our #GirlBoss section that have worked so hard to do some pretty amazing things. This week we’d like to introduce Nikki Huebner to all of our readers. Not only does she have a great product, but the story behind it will really touch your hearts like it did ours.

With the recent relaunch of her website, Nikki Huebner has come a long way and didn’t let anything stand in her way of becoming an entrepreneur. Starting off in the dental field Nikki had her eyes set on becoming a dental hygienist and majored in it while in college. Nikki had always been a fan of makeup and lashes. The lash industry has come such a long way over the past few years and is now up to an astounding $4 billion dollars. Being an avid fan of glamorous lashes Nikki decided to dive on into the industry herself. She started off wearing eyelash extensions about 4 years ago, but always felt something was missing from the market. A lot of ladies and some guys know how problematic lashes, lash glue & mascara can be. Nikki told us about the issues she had ranging from shedding, drying, clumping adhesive, and getting rid of those disposable makeup wipes. With the industry starting to boom, Nikki began seeing lash bars pop up at a very rapid pace. She decided to let go and listen to her heart by creating a prototype for herself to keep her lashes clean and intact. Nikki went to her designer friend Marie Cordella  and began working on her product. They took their time to make sure everything was perfect and 9 months later everything was complete.

Nikki, an entrepreneur, a boss, and at the top of the list, A Mother. With Mothers Day just a few days away Nikki gave us an exclusive on why she works so hard and does what she does. Readers, get your tissues ready RIGHT NOW! CHYLER HUEBNER is the main reason why Nikki has been working so hard. Chyler is Nikki’s daughter that unfortunately left this world at 18 months old and now she’s a little angel up there watching over the Huebner family. The signature pink color Nikki chose was for Chyler who’s birthday is May 10th.

Now we have ENDURE LASH. Nikki started off with the name Lash Love, but felt that it didn’t go with her amazing story of endurance and dealing with tragedy. Nikki hit the ground running by pitching her product on social media, and we all know that social media works wonders. Everything was ready, set, go by 6/10/16 and began selling in September. 10/10/2016 the eye makeup remover cloth began. Nikki didn’t just want to put out a product that didn’t benefit consumers. The cloths are big money savers and made from organic materials. Huebner has partnered with Walk West Communications in Raleigh, North Carolina. “A product for the people that’s organic, reusable and hypoallergenic” is what Huebner has created.


With the power of giving back Huebner teamed up with the FAMILY ROOM PROJECT for sick and dying children in hospitals. Like the Ronald McDonald House Charity, the Family Room Projects raised an astounding $189,000 within a month through social media. 8 rooms are now available to provide families comfort in tragedy. This was a selfless goal Huebner wanted to accomplish and she’s done it!

So the House Of Coco Team would like to give major praise to Nikki Huebner for all the amazing things she’s doing.

Check out her products @ www.EndureLash.com and on Instagram @Endure_Lash

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