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Girlbosses of Great Britain : The one with Devaiya Oils

Girlbosses of Great Britain : The one with Devaiya Oils

Ruby Sagu is the founder of Devaiya Oils, a brand that came to life following a pretty traumatic experience.

July 8th, 2020

Ruby Sagu is the founder of Devaiya Oils, a brand that came to life following a pretty traumatic experience. Specialising in aromatherapy and treatments, Ruby has worked tirelessly to launch her own product line. Based in Leeds, she uses 100% natural products and everything is made right in the heart of the city.

A true entrepreneur and someone who really cares about their customers, we couldn’t wait to spend some time with Ruby to find out more. Here, we talk all things Devaiya, her plans for the future and more…

Tell us about the journey that lead you to launching Devaiya..

Devaiya Oils all came about after having a car accident and suffering from a whiplash injury in 2014. I was unable to work for 5 months and was unhappy about the different pain killers I was prescribed to relieve my painful symptoms.

It was then, through disappointment about the extent of my injury, I decided to throw myself into a new hobby -Aromatherapy! Through experimenting with different oils I studied and researched and created an oil blend for my symptoms (now a best seller – Aches Away!). I was amazed at the healing power of oils and It was only when this blend was shared with others suffering from different painful conditions, I was astounded by their positive feedback and realised the full potential of plant oils. This is when my love of aromatherapy started and my passion for helping others through natural oils led to me launching my business in 2015.

For anyone with no experience with aromatherapy products, what are the main benefits?

The main benefits of aromatherapy oils are that they, like medicine, are absorbed into the blood stream. They can provide both physical and psychological benefits and can be used in number of ways e.g inhaled ,massaged and even used in in the bath! Let not forget they also smell divine!

What has been the biggest learning curve since launching the business?

The biggest learning curve since launching the business has been when I initially setup, how to get products launched as well as learning about the legalities when it comes to launching your own Aromatherapy brand. I have also learnt a huge amount through Aromatherapy studies although I enjoyed it so much it didn’t feel like I was studying!

What’s your go to quote when lacking motivation?

‘Train your mind to see the good in every situation’

Long term, what are your plans for Devaiya?

I am really looking forward to expanding the products range in future and experimenting with some new and exciting ingredients. Long term I am excited about extending the team at Devaiya Oils.

For anyone wanting to launch a company in your sector, what advice would you offer?

Enjoy it! and be patient as it can take time to get products launched. Gain the right knowledge, give yourself time to reflect and focus on the most important people – your customers.

Looking back, is there anything you would do different since launching the brand?

A couple of years into the business I changed the brand logo.The initial bottle labels and logo were designed by me! I was oblivious to how popular the range would be become. So in hindsight perhaps using a professional design consultancy earlier on would have been a good idea!

How much has Covid19 impacted you?

Covid-19 has meant the cancellation of a number of events including trade fairs and wellbeing fairs. However I have stuck to my motto on this one! I have used the time to support and donate products to local keyworkers including NHS staff working on a Covid ward and to an NHS mindfulness group at hospital at this difficult time to help make a difference. I have also involved customers by asking them to nominate their own key worker heroes to receive Devaiya products for self care. This was a huge success and really popular.

During the lockdown period Devaiya products have also been featured in 3 editions of Vogue magazine!

So, although it hasn’t been business as usual, it has remained a busy time and a time of reflection for Devaiya during this time.

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Don’t ever stop doing what you love.

Where can people find out more

For more details about the Devaiya Oils range please visit:

Our website www.devaiyaoils.uk

Instagram @devaiyaoils

Facebook www.facebook.com/devaiyaspa

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