Sometimes you meet someone who inspires you to get off your bottom and do more with yourself, House of Coco beauty writer Rachel McAlley recently felt this way after meeting businesswoman and all round advocate for fabulous brows, Shavata Singh.

Shavata is the leading authority on beautiful eyebrows, she runs her own mini empire Shavata Brow Studio, with 20 stores and concessions in the UK where she has hundreds of clients including well-known faces such as Victoria Beckham and Adele, amongst many others.

Rachel met Shavata while having her eyebrows and eyelashes assessed at Shavata Brow Studio within Harvey Nichols in Leeds. Shavata is surrounded by great energy and has an immense passion to help clients get the best look for their unique face shape. Shavata helped Rachel realise her own eyebrow potential by re-defining, darkening and re-shaping her tired brows, and to top off the meeting Shavata suggested Rachel have an eyelash lift. What more could a girl ask for!

Here are a few questions Shavata kindly answered, a House of Coco #GirlBoss favourite.

• How old were you when you started your business?

• How many salons and studios do you currently have in the UK?
2 Flagships and 18 Concessions

• Do you work from your flagship salon in Knightsbridge? Is this where a client that wants to book you personally would need to visit?
I work every Wednesday and Thursday in Knightsbridge and in Chiswick once a month on the first Friday.

• What was the first technique or treatment you learned about eyebrows and do you still use it today?
Threading and yes I still use it today!

• Do you have a personal favourite treatment to have on your own brows?
I love a good brow shape and tint

• What is your least favourite treatment to have on your own brows? Do you still have the treatment, even though it’s your least favourite?
I don’t have a least favourite

• I understand that you have some A-list celebrity clients that you have helped with their eyebrow requirements, including; Adele, Victoria Beckham, Elle Macpherson and Kate Hudson plus many more. Did any of these beautiful ladies have difficult brows to work with, and if so, how do you tackle telling a super star that they have unruly brows?
I am honest with all my clients, even if they’re celebrities. I may tell them to grow the brows out or recommend which products to use.

• I’m sure you’ve worked on some male eyebrows too, are they harder, easier or just the same to work with as the female brow?
We treat all our clients the same and have a thorough consultation so it is important to ask if they want a natural or defined eyebrow look.

• Who would be your dream client?
Princess Diana

• Do you ever walk down the street and notice someone’s eyebrow that you desperately want to guide in the right direction? And, have you ever been known to stop someone in the street to offer your services to an untamed brow?
I do this all the time! But I have never stopped someone in the street.

• You now have a number of eyebrow tools and cosmetic products in your name, what made you venture into retail?
I wanted to have a range of products that we could use on clients but also to use at home in between appointments to maintain those brows.

• Which brow products from the Shavata collection would you suggest to buy if someone was only just getting into brow shaping, tinting and defining?
I would recommend our Defining Pencil as it creates natural looking brows in seconds. The precision slim-line tip gives a professional application that is effortless to achieve. The automatic mechanism means no more searching for that always-difficult-to-find sharpener! Long lasting and smudge-proof this wonder product is formulated with Vitamin E to gently condition brows.

• Which one of your products do you use every day on your own brows?
The Defining Pencil, I love it!

A huge ‘thank you’ must go to Shavata Singh for spending time with House of Coco beauty writer Rachel McAlley to teach her about brows and all the do’s and don’ts of plucking, shaping and defining. Also it’s with thanks to Harvey Nichols Leeds for the invite to meet Shavata.

For more information about Shavata herself, Shavata Brow Studio, and all the brow and lash products by her beauty brand Shavata, log on to Shavata


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