#GIRLBOSSESOFGREATBRITAIN – The One With Basically Everything

Here at House of Coco, we love Girl Bosses, even more so when they are as inspirational as Sally Curson, founder and creator of Face Matters.

Our writer, Vanessa,was lucky enough to experience a facial treatment with Sally herself, in Fenwick Bond Street whilst discussing all things Face Matters (yes, we do still work whilst being pampered).

After launching Face Matters in 2012, with 20 years in the beauty business, Sally’s one aim became to harness nature and to help hold back time.

She believes that if you nourish and nurture your skin well, using natural products, the results can be astonishing and her eureka moment came when she combined natural botanical oils with our collagen boosting silicon.

After Sally’s discovery she ensured all Face Matters products are a pure blend of high levels of collagen boosting organic silicon and super active botanical oils. The oils chosen blend with the mineral silicon to create a luxurious Elixir all have substantial healing and nourishing effects on the skin. For Sally it is about collagen, which is responsible for elasticity and youthfulness in skin. Not only do Face Matters products have visible results on fine lines and wrinkles, they all smell incredible to, an asset that Sally is proud to say took years to perfect!

The Face Matters collection is a small set of five products all containing organic silicon to help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. As one of the earth’s most abundant minerals, organic silicon really is a miracle mineral. It plays an important role in the formation, bone, hair, skin, nails and joints; research confirms that organic silicon increases epidermal thickness and skin elasticity, ideal to have in your skincare products!

Sally is constantly expanding Face Matters and now offers facials, by her, for her clients on selected dates in Fenwick Bond Street. Using her knowledge and own products you feel in safe hands, completely relaxed and leave with completely refreshed and radiant skin.


So, she may have an incredible skincare range and be an amazing Facial-ist and Beauty Therapist but you may be thinking what makes Sally so exceptionally inspirational? Well, she is one of the loveliest women you will ever meet and it’s safe to say Sally hasn’t exactly had it easy. Her parents had little faith of her venturing into the industry, she sadly lost her first child and suffered domestic abuse in her marriage. Yet after such troubling times, Sally came out on top, raised two children, alone and built her own empire. Sally intends to ensure young people with ambition have easier access to the aspirations they have, no matter how hard their life may be; hashtag ultimate girl boss. So Face Matters proudly supports Refuge.org helping the crusade against domestic violence, a cause close to her heart, not only this but Sally is also creating a variety of opportunities for those aspiring to a career in the Beauty Industry.

Whether you are a qualified therapist looking for a professional skincare range, a student or thinking of beginning a career in beauty, or an established beauty business, Sally and Face Matters have opportunities for you.

After being voted as one of the top 5 facials in London, Face Matters has now joined forces with Lauren Bowen to offer a professionally accredited facial programme; Beauty Therapist Business in a Box. Becoming a qualified beauty therapist is a career with endless possibilities, both in terms of earning potential and variety. So, Face Matters and Lauren have combined a Therapy Business in a box ready for Beauty lovers to go to market without a huge financial investment, they also offer start-up packages for those already qualified!

What exactly is a Business in a Box? The Beauty Therapist Business in a Box Collection includes:

  • A full set of products for you to retail
  • A full set of products for use in facials
  • Brand information
  • Facial Procedure Manual
  • Accredited training course
  • Inspiring brand story with integrity that follows through into the Face Matters business plan which they would love to share with you.

Along with helping aspiring Beauty fanatics with her Business in a Box, Sally has also started working with the Princes Trust Enterprise. The Princes Trust invest £1K in people who have shown tenacity and the necessary skills to begin a business and who the Trust feel will benefit from the investment. The process starts with a workshop and those individuals interested will be trained by a training manager to gain a professional qualification with the Beauty Guild.  Sally will then mentor them through and help them start up their beauty businesses; which is all done voluntarily by Sally.

Sally’s aim is to keep it simple, not daunting and lead to increased confidence, financial independence and the opportunity for the ambitious to build their own business.


So whether you want incredible skincare, a gorgeous facial (with excellent music), career help or just some inspiration, Face Matters is for you!

If this doesn’t say Girl Boss, we don’t know what does!



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