You take great care of the skin on and around your face, so why not take some proper care of your hands too? It’s time to give yourself a facial for your hands, believe me they will thank you for it in the long run.

We have put together a 6-step process for caring for your hands and nails, and we have included some great brands for you to use.


Cleansing is an integral part of giving your hands some love; in fact this is the thing that you do the most every single day. So, we are including a beautiful gentle soap that doesn’t strip your hands of moisture. Use this for every wash, as it will keep your hands soft and fresh.

Little Soap Company, Mediterranean Pure Olive Oil Soap Bar, £2.95 (100g), Boots


The next step of the process is to exfoliate. This removes impurities from your hands without using any harsh chemicals. The Himalayan, Egyptian, and French essential oils along with the salts give a luxurious and gentle exfoliation, eliminating dead skin.

Katherine Daniels, Gentle Oil and Salt Exfoliator, £30 (200ml), Katherine Daniels Cosmetics

Hand Mask

Once the exfoliation has taken place, it’s time to relax your hands in a beautiful hand mask. This is the most therapeutic part of the 6-step process as it gives your hands time to recover from daily wear and tear. By using a thermotherapy mask, this visibly rejuvenates dry skin, and reduces the appearance of dark spots and freckles.

Skin Republic, 24K Gold Hand Mask, £6.99, Skin Republic


The only time we ever focus on our cuticles is when we are at the salon, but this shouldn’t be the case. Our cuticles have an important role to play in the overall health of our nails. Therefore, by using cuticle oil it will give both strength and nourishment to the nail. This oil contains Sweet Almond Oil to help restore healthy looking nails.

Cienna Rose, The Elixir Nourishing Cuticle Oil, £9.50, Cienna Rose


Another part of the 6-step process is to moisturise. Hand cream is one of those amazing products that can turn your hands from cracked hard skin to soft healthy skin in a matter of seconds.

Leighton Denny, Best Defence Winter Berries Hand Cream, £9 (75ml), LD Boutique


Once all the other stages are done and dusted its time to finish with a little pizzazz, by adding a pop of colour to your nails with your favourite varnish. Don’t forget to shape your nails with a nail file before coating your nails with the varnish! We are living for L’Atelier Green colours.

L’Atelier Green, Stormy Heart Nail Varnish, £15.99 (10ml), L’Atelier Green


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