Glamping: Things You Need to Know

Outdoor adventures are growing in popularity as holiday activities this past several months. More people go on camping holidays, hiking trips, and even road trips than ever before. The increase in popularity could only lead to one thing: having your own adventure gets easier and easier by the day.

Aside from the more traditional camping trips, you can now choose to go on a glamping trip. What is glamping? How can this type of outdoor adventure suits you? Here are the things you need to know about glamping.

What is Glamping?
Glamping is short for glamorous camping. It is a style of camping that combines outdoor adventures and the challenges that come with them, with modern amenities to keep you comfortable throughout the trip and a touch of luxury to make the whole thing that much more exciting to try. Glamping took off as a holiday activity almost overnight, with thousands of new adventurers giving glamping a try every day.

One of the reasons why glamping is so popular is the extra convenience. Sure, you still have to stay in a tent and enjoy the rugged outdoors as part of the adventure, but you get modern amenities – such as a working bathroom and running water – and services you normally get from resorts or hotels. It offers the best of both worlds indeed.

Preparing for the Trip
Glamping is relatively easy, and you don’t need to do a lot of preparation to go on this type of adventure. That said, not making any preparation at all is also not recommended. You can start by researching the glamping site and learning more about the amenities available there.

Not all glamping sites are created equal. In some destinations, you still need to bring your own tent and other camping equipment, but you get a level camping ground, plenty of shade, a pre-made campfire, and all the help you need to have a pleasant camping trip.

Other glamping sites put emphasis on the luxury part of the experience. You will be greeted by a big tent with multiple rooms as well as other luxury amenities to make the whole trip as enjoyable as possible. As you can see, you need to prepare differently for these glamping trips. You can have a look for the best instant pop up tents from My Vessel.

An Opportunity
It is also worth noting that glamping is the bridge that helps people try more outdoor activities without the extra risks. Many millennials go on glamping trips to test the waters and see if camping is something they want to try more seriously.

Top camping resource centers such as are the go-to sites if you want to embark on a more serious outdoor adventure. The first glamping trip is the perfect opportunity to try different things, including building your own campfire and surviving in the wild; you still have the option to return to a comfortable tent at any time.

Travel experts believe glamping will be an even hotter trend in 2018, especially since more people are looking for transformative holiday experience rather than the more traditional ones. If you haven’t tried glamping already, now is the perfect time to get started.

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