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Goddesses of the Movie and Fashion World Reveal Their Beauty Secrets

Goddesses of the Movie and Fashion World Reveal Their Beauty Secrets

Some of the most beautiful women in the entertainment and fashion flaunt their goddess-like beauty as if they were just born that way.

August 26th, 2020

Some of the most beautiful women in the entertainment and fashion flaunt their goddess-like beauty as if they were just born that way. Of course, none of them are. While they may effortlessly glide over the red carpet in all their seemingly flawless splendor, they did actually work a lot to have that face, hair, and body that fans the world over admire.

Each star on film and on the catwalk has her own secrets to beauty. Some use the very best acne products to keep their skin blemish-free. Others swear by their vegan diet as the source of their lovely aura and energetic vibe. Many of them say that good sleep is really the absolute beauty secret, given its internal body cleansing and restorative effects.

For these seemingly celestial beings of the screen and fashion world, making themselves charming and extremely attractive appealing is not a matter of vanity or vice.It is a very real business and professional requirement in a very critical and, at times, unfairly judgmental industry where even the slightest hint of imperfection is noticed. It is also a line of work that is very public where almost everything about the celebrity is seen, heard, and talked about. While one cannot be excessively self-conscious, the life of a celebrity is inherently about being aware of how one physically appears to a wide range of audiences. Having a beauty regimen is, therefore, just part and parcel of this line of work.

In this article, let’s find out what some of the most stunning celebrities do to remain close to perfection. You will be surprised by their unconventional but effective methods. Be inspired at how they use very ordinary items and very simple techniques to be icons of style and aesthetics.

Kate Hudson and an Ice Bucket

Golden Globe winner Kate Hudson, best known for her movie Almost Famous, has a simple technique to revive her skin. Using a small bucket of ice-cold water, she dips her face for a few seconds. This helps reduce facial swelling and causes the skin pores to close, revealing a smoother and refreshed-looking face.;

Cindy Crawford Craves for Milk

Supermodel Cindy Crawford has a different take on skincare by using water mixed with milk as a facial hydration solution. The 54-year-old model still looks youthful, no doubt, due to the rejuvenating properties of dairy milk. Milk contains alpha hydroxy acid (AHA)which promotes elasticity, exfoliates old skin cells, and promotes the production of new skin cells. Another famous personality who is known to use milk as part of her beauty regimen is the legendary Cleopatra, Queen of Ancient Egypt.

Cameron DiazGets Zit-free with Eye Drops

Charlie’s Angel Cameron Diaz also has a secret ingredient that helps keep her skin look good. Whenever she has a breakout, she uses eye dropsto lessen the redness and inflammation of a pimple or acne. The way it reduces the redness in the eyes makes it a good hack for making a red spot on the face much less noticeable.

Doing It Upside Down with Bella Hadid

This one is definitely weird but it apparently works wonders for supermodel Bella Hadid. Whenever she has a modeling gig, has a magazine photoshoot, or needs to appear on the show, Hadid actually lies down and lets her head dangle from a chair.According to the 23-year old and 5’9″ tallModel of the Year awardee, doing this helps the facial muscles relax while helping the make-up artist apply powder and color more evenly across the face. Looking at her magazine covers and billboards, this unusual make-up position really does work.

Spooning with Miranda Kerr

Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr has graced countless magazine covers and other fashion publications. Her face and figure have adorned advertisement boards across the world. Any product she has endorsed has become a sure best-seller. She is one of the catwalk’s most alluring personalities, her eyes never failing to mesmerize audiences wherever and whenever she walks by. Well, she is letting everybody in on a secret. Those bright, seductive Aussie eyes have long curled lashes, but not because of some powered roller or lash curler. All that Miranda needed was a typical spoon found in every home kitchen. Using the curved shape of a spoon, the gorgeous model is able to make her lashes make an upturned curve, making her blue eyes even more attractive.

What is truly amazing about their beauty tips is that anyone can do it. Yes, sure, these women have genetic advantages when it comes to height, weight, bone structure, skin health, hair quality, and a host of other characteristics. This does not mean, however, that their techniques will not work on other people. In fact, these beauty hacks are so easy and simple that doing them requires no extra skill, not a lot of time, and certainly, almost no money involved. So, go ahead and become a celebrity in your own right.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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