Granadilla: South African Swimwear for the Stylish Guy

Summer is very much upon us and while the UK seems to be getting confused about what season it actually is, the South African summer leaves little to be desired. The scorching sun bakes beach-goers along the swathes of white, sandy beaches leaving them with no option but to emerge themselves in the delightfully cold, turquoise waters. Sounds perfect, right? What better way to make this image even more vibrant and flamboyant than with some serious swimwear game. We noticed that this summer, like many gone before us, the fashion industry has focused heavily on adorning the bodies of women with the finest swimwear, but what about the guys? Don’t worry boys, House of Coco have got your back.

Introducing Granadilla, the latest innovation in swimwear for men!

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“It’s always summer somewhere”Granadilla is a South African brand that lives by this maxim. Granadilla produces vibrant, limited edition men’s beachwear with designs inspired by the energy of their diverse country. Granadilla has stormed in to the fashion industry without stopping, making a cameo in Elle magazine in its launch year! Undoubtedly it’s their quirky, eye-catching motif prints that have caught-the-eye of the world. Or maybe it was their über sexy campaign photos, who knows?! “The trunks are targeted at the modern gentleman, who is sophisticated but has time for a bit of colour in his life!” explains Meltz, who adds, “We are all about producing a proudly South African product that we want to eventually be a net exporter of goods to the international market.”


Ideal for horseplay; the Granadilla boys have covered all bases.


The name “Granadilla” was inspired by the iconic ice-cream sellers on Clifton 4th Beach – “a granadilla lolly to make you jolly!” – where Adam and Josh met several summers ago. Reminiscing on how tough it is when starting a business, the Granadilla Boys have committed to donating 5% of profits to charitable causes helping to promote entrepreneurship in South Africa, so that their South African brothers and sisters can fulfill their dreams too.


The latest style at Granadilla, ‘Papaya’.


Two of Granadilla’s most popular prints.

While the South African e-commerce industry is still in its infancy, Granadilla has done everything possible to smooth the online shopping process for their valued customers: Delivery is free, and overnight to main cities; Orders can be made via e-mail, phone, Facebook, or their website; Returns and exchanges are free; and their products will soon be available on and in selected retail stores.

The trunks themselves are made of a selection of high quality, locally sourced materials, including Peach skin fabric for that ultra-quick drying pleasure, with stainless steel aglets and a matte finish.  Granadilla beachwear encapsulates the youthful feel that summer brings all of us, it is a South African start up that’s here to stay.


Flamingo gorgeous!

A bit about the Granadilla entrpreneurs:

Joshua Meltz (24) a graduate with Honours in Economics & Sociology from the University of Edinburgh. Josh grew up in Johannesburg, in a retail environment. His father (Jackie Meltz) founded MELTZ factory stores, a legacy which has shaped his passion for the trade. During his time in Edinburgh, Josh started and successfully sold his first business, Granadilla is his second.

Adam Duxbury (24) graduated with an Honours in Economics & Law from the University of Cape Town in 2013 before taking a job at Delta Partners, the leading advisory and investment firm specialising in the TMD industry. Adam grew up in Johannesburg and completed high school in KZN with a perpetual passion for the Cape Town summer. Inspired by world-renowned swimwear brands and e-commerce start-ups like Vertty, Adam approached Josh with an idea to found Granadilla; a dream that has now become a reality.


Coming to a wardrobe near you!


Although these unique trunks are not available outside of South Africa, Granadilla are in the process of building an international shipping platform. Until then, watch this space as we will be running a competition alongside our friends at Granadilla so that one of our lovely readers can look South African-sexy this summer.


Read more about Granadilla here.

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