Growing Herbs and Vegetables From the End of your Pencil

Pencil stubs filled with seeds that sprout tomatoes, basil and peppers have gone on sale in the UK.

The Sprout Pencil is made of cedar and uses graphite and clay rather than lead. A seed capsule is fitted to the end of each pencil and once they become unusable, they can be planted in soil to produce a herb and vegetable patch.


This genius idea launched in Denmark by creators Sprout World and the range is now available in the UK.
There are over 20 variations available that including mint, tomato, peppers, basil and rosemary.
There are three seeds of the same flower, herb or vegetable in the end of each pencil to increase the success rate.

As the pencil is watered, the protective capsule dissolves to expose the seeds and then they start to germinate.

The pencil can be kept in the soil and doubles up as a plant marker.

Sprout’s makers Sprout World claim that seeds should begin sprouting within a week.










You can buy a sprouting pencil pack on many UK sites – here are three for £3.25 only on The Letter Room.

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