Luxury travel is one of the fastest-growing travel trends these days. And when people think of luxury, it often conjures images of lavish resorts and exclusive spas. But luxury travel is much more than that. It could be about relaxing at a luxurious 5-star tent in Canada, cruising around Mexican waters on a lavish yacht, or taking a scenic helicopter ride over the Scottish Highlands. Luxury travel can include lots of activities or simply doing nothing at all. Regardless, you can expect a high level of service and exquisite experiences that are way beyond the average.

Here’s your guide to the top luxury getaways in the world.


Canada’s diversity of scenic landscapes makes it an excellent destination for extraordinary travel opportunities. You will have plenty of options for luxury travel experiences in Canada, but one of the most luxurious ways to soak up the country’s rugged beauty of nature is to go heli-hiking and luxury glamping above sea level!

Just a short flight from the bustling city of Vancouver, Vancouver Island feels like it is several miles away from the mainland with its quirky villages and vast wilderness. From Vancouver, take a private plane over the Pacific Ocean to get to the island. Here, relax in an exquisite and remote wilderness retreat with 5-star tents fitted with luxurious modern amenities.

On the following day, board a helicopter to get to a secluded peak overlooking the quiet waters off the coast of Vancouver Island. At a staggering height of 4,500 ft, this will be your home for a few nights surrounded, and you will sleep surrounded by the vast wilderness. Take note – this is not any ordinary glamping setup. You will have your own chef who will prepare al fresco dinners served with the most exquisite wines.


Greece is not like any other place in the world. It’s a land of mythology and legends, where art, culture, and humanity converge. While most visitors would come to explore its historical sites and learn about its fascinating culture, a few travellers would visit to get a taste of the country’s luxury offerings.

The best way to get started with your luxury travel in Greece is to book a private villa in Mykonos overlooking the gorgeous views of the Aegean Sea. Choose a villa fitted with luxury amenities, such as an outdoor Jacuzzi and infinity pool that flows right into the Aegean horizon.

For a luxury dining experience, book a reservation at one of Greece’s many Michelin Star restaurants. Spondi, located right in the heart of Athens, has been given two Michelin Stars for its creative mixture of traditional and international cuisines. Opt for the Discover tasting menu, which comes with three starters, ten courses, and an option to include up to six glasses of exquisite wine!

The Maldives

Nothing original about suggesting one of the most sought after destinations in the world but the fact is, it delivers a high quality holiday experience. The Maldives is home to luxury clear blue waterside resorts that have everything you could possibly want regardless of if you’re on your honeymoon, travelling with the family or looking for a solo getaway. The immense sunsets are just right for honeymooners after pampering whilst sitting back with a cocktail. The Gili Lankanfushi has private beach houses with stunning views making this overwater villa resort worth checking out. The Indian Ocean has crystal clear, warm waters that make for relaxation that could only be matched by the sort of luxury you can achieve in the Maldives. Every island hotel has something for everyone, but if luxury be the aim then it’s difficult to argue a Maldives holiday of luxury isn’t worth considering.


There are so many things to discover in Mexico, from dense jungles to sandy beaches, modern cities, and ancient ruins, not to mention delicious Mexican dishes and fresh seafood. The country is massive, and there are fascinating destinations to discover on both the west and east coasts and the tip of Baja, home to the famous Los Cabos, where you will find the country’s most luxurious resorts.

The best way to explore Mexico is to go cruising on a lavish yacht. With a luxury cruise, you can visit various ports and enjoy onboard amenities and different excursions and activities every day. When you sign-up for organised excursions, you can choose from exciting adventures or just spending lazy days at the beach. The biggest benefit to cruising is being able to experience several destinations without the hassles of transferring from one hotel to another. These luxury ships are fitted with fitness centres, spas, pools, and world-class dining amenities.


Mauritius is a beautiful island country in the Indian Ocean located off Africa’s Eastern Coast. The island is volcanic in origin and is almost surrounded by stunning coral reefs. Mauritius is home to some of the most luxurious resorts worldwide, so it’s not a surprise why it’s one of the top destinations for those who want to travel in luxury.

When it comes to luxury accommodations in Mauritius, St. Regis is highly recommended. This five-star luxury hotel boasts 172 suites that open to the stunning panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. Located on the south-eastern side of Mauritius, guests staying at St. Regis will have exclusive access to Le Morne Beach. Offering five distinct fine dining experiences, St. Regis offers guests the opportunity to experience traditional Mauritian cuisine as well as international options ranging from Japanese to French cuisines.

Another luxury resort to check out in Mauritius is the Royal Palm Beachcomber. This 5-star tranquil tropical haven lies along the gorgeous Mauritian beaches. The resort’s cabins are connected through shaded pathways surrounded by lush greenery. Each cabin has oversized windows that open to the panoramic views of the island. The resort’s highlight is its wine cellar, which has hundreds of exquisite wines on display, including vintages and those made by up-and-coming winemakers.


Scotland is a land of fascinating history and stunning scenery. With so many beautiful things to explore, planning a trip to Scotland can be daunting. If you want to see everything in one go, why don’t you book a scenic helicopter ride? Treat yourself to an extraordinary journey into the skies and admire Scotland’s rugged beauty from above. A helicopter ride over the beautiful highlands is an experience you will definitely treasure for the rest of your life!

Aside from the scenic helicopter rides, Scotland offers several other activities for those who prefer to travel in luxury and style as well as luxury group accommodation near the Open. If you are a fan of golf, time your visit to see the 150th Open Championship in St Andrews. Happening in the iconic Old Course at St Andrews, where golf was first played 600 years ago, attending the Open is an experience you should not miss in Scotland, whether you are a fan of golf or not.


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